SL is liberating in some ways.  I have no tattoos in RL and I doubt if I would ever get one.  I do have a really good friend who got a large one (think playing card size) on her inner wrist when I would have thought all thoughts of tattoos were left behind in her teens or early twenties, but it did have very special meaning to her.

Having said that, I’ve collected a couple of tattoos in SL and I occasionally wear them to the beach or a special event (such as, you guessed it, a “Best in Tattoos” competition).  I even have made some that are available in our store.

I realized I hadn’t taken any pictures of them for the blog (other than the angel wings and the hip tattoo), and as a dutiful reporter of all things you can wear in SL, here are some photos of one I recently picked up from a midnight mania board 🙂

This tattoo is on upper system tattoo layers and comes with appliers for Omega and TMP in dark, medium (which I’m wearing), and light.  The artwork is very good, and the shading, particularly on the hands and under the arms, is superb.  If the creator is not a real life tattoo artist, I’ll be surprised.

The above photo has a tiny retouch to hide the join between my hand and arm, but normally, you can’t see it in world.

And again, the shading on the back is excellent.