This full outfit (jeans, top, and boots) was a win on the MM board at Country Couture a few days ago.  The mesh jeans (standard, fitmesh, and specifics for Physique, Hourglass, Belleze, and Maitreya) and boots (Slink High and unrigged scripted) are really nice.  The top though?  There’s something strange about those arms 🙂

I took the below photo to demonstrate the issue.  You can see that the sleeves end up halfway down my hands.  And as the top is not rigged to the hand bones, well you can guess that you get all types of breakthrough in different poses (and just standing around under control of your AO).  Of course, being fitmesh, using the sliders to lengthen your arms lengthens the sleeves at the same time!

But as I said, the boots are really nice!

And if you don’t already have a pair of skinny black fitmesh jeans these are great too!