Welcome our lovely friend Sarah to her first photo shoot!

Sarah is showing off a wonderful collection of items from various creators.¬† When I first saw this outfit, I sort of pictured her with a plasma rifle in her hand ūüôā¬† I dropped that idea, but I still chose a neo-noir setting √† la Blade Runner in which to photograph her.

Sarah is wearing a hairstyle from eXxEsS that is very similar to one I have from the same creator.¬† Except what the photos don’t show is that hers moves with the wind!¬† A very cool effect and something that only now other creators are slowly catching up with.

Also worth pointing out are the crystal platforms Sarah is wearing.¬† I thought I was going to have to cut them out as I didn’t think they would be visible enough, but this last picture shows them off nicely.

And I must say, the detail on the corset and socks from The Mystic is just fantastic.¬† As I’m sure you can probably guess, all this is Lara specific fitmesh.

I hope Sarah is pleased with how her pictures turned out and will be keen to show us some more outfits sooner rather than later!


Amy by J4F

This gorgeous little corset style dress was the prize on Just 4 Fun’s MM board the other day.

It comes in standard mesh sizes plus fitmesh for Lara, Physique, and Hourglass.¬† You definitely won’t want to wear an alpha with this, which is a good thing as the pack doesn’t include one ūüôā

What is included in the pack though are the pearl bracelets (no resize script unfortunately) and the heels for Slink Highs.  A very nice MM prize!

As you can see the dress is materials enabled.¬† You can hopefully get some idea of the varying light play on it from these photos.¬† Under standard lighting (not projector lights as I’m using here) it looks much more black than silver.


Dark skies and darker looks

One of my favourite DJs in Eden has started hosting a new montly (or so)¬†Goth event, “Cravin’ the Raven”, and I put together a great new outfit for the occasion. ¬†I assembled this from some wonderful creators¬†to create a look that really suits a dangerous mood.

Exposeur Props and Poses¬†— February Gift 15-3 pose (Marketplace Link)

Have fun experimenting out there…. just… take a friend or two along with you. ¬†This place looks a bit on the creepy side….

Mahalo!  A hui hou!


Snake skin

Wow, one of the better applier + mesh panel dresses I’ve seen!¬† It’s deserving of a post ūüôā

The dress is on system layers and has appliers for EVE, Lara, Omega, TMP, and Amanzing (not even sure what that is?)  And it comes with mesh panels in the five standard sizes.

The texture matching is really nice.  Usually with these you notice the mesh panel, but as you can see, it blends in nearly perfectly with the applier outfit (there is a tiny noticeable join between the shirt and the pants).  Great job!

And when I saw “black snakeskin”, I knew I had some heels to match!


Catty Polka

A¬†little lace, stockings and gloves from¬†Carrie’s Lingerie, a bit of moonlight… a little wine and the right company, and that makes for a lovely evening.

Catty Polka is a beautiful Omega applier/SL standard layer lingerie set in six lovely accent colours.  And as usual, each part is individually selectable.

My favourite ribbon from .wound and Tantalize earrings from Dressed by Lexi complete the look.

Now… as sexy as this is, won’t you help me¬†out of it?

It’s always fun to see what new sexy designs Carrie’s¬†has for us. ¬†Stop by and take a look!

Mahalo — a hui hou!



My goodness, Scandalize comes out with some lovely group gifts!  They are worth joining for the paltry one-off fee of only L$100.  This group gift alone is worth that!

This absolutely gorgeous semi-sheer bodysuit is great in the bedroom on under a set of loose fitmesh jeans (although they do have to be loose else you’ll get breakthrough).¬† It only comes in fitmesh for Freya, Isis, Venus, Physique, Hourglass, and Lara, so make sure you have one of these mesh bodies before running out and getting it!

The sheer fabric over my bottom puts a smile on my face as I know it will make someone special very happy ūüôā


Black panther

Sometimes when I’m looking for locations I’ll come across an RP sim that sounds and looks promising, but I never want to intrude on the sim owner and the people role playing there by running around doing photography with lights and stuff.¬† Shooting this panther outfit from Catseye, I came across a really well done sim called Shadow Moon Jungle, and I TPed there only to see a huge list of rules.

As there was no one there, I was quickly scouting a location when I got an IM from one of the people that had just arrived, and I asked her if it was OK to shoot, and she graciously said “yes”.¬† So thanks for the location Zara!¬† I hope you like the pics ūüôā

This outfit, like everything Caty over at Catseye does, is really well done.  The textures, ears, tail, and even a shape, are all just wonderful.  All I had to do was add some suitable eyes, a hairstyle, and switch to stiletto nails, et voilà!

Included in the pack are skins for both males and females in system and with Omega appliers, a set of panther ears and a set of leopard ears, the tail, and male and female shapes.


Dark fae

I wrote a while ago about the importance of colour.. and it seemed, even then, to be somewhat of a trite statement. ¬†But it’s still so true. ¬†I got this lovely little dress combo from¬†Spyralle, and in the daylight hours, the iridescence didn’t make up for the grey… and fortunately I held on to it. ¬†But oh oh oh — a dark angel / dark fae theme at my favourite girls’ club? ¬†All of a sudden, Thornweaver Dusk took on new life!

  • Spyralle¬†—¬†Thornweaver Dusk
  • REIGN¬†— Tattoo Choker Necklace (“Spellbound”)
  • *StoryTeller*¬†— Fire Dancer 3 pose

Thornweaver features Omega appliers / standard SL clothing layers and a few different flexi skirt options.  It feels just painted on (in a good way), and the subtle colour gives a perfect iridescence.  The matching wings are unscripted, but just the right amount of flexi to flutter as you walk or dance.

A change of hair, a change of makeup… a change of mood? ¬†And a new pet, perhaps….

If you don’t mind, I need to go take my new… friend… for a walk… erm… flight.

Mahalo!  A hui hou!



This full outfit (jeans, top, and boots) was a win on the MM board at Country Couture a few days ago.¬† The mesh jeans (standard, fitmesh, and specifics for Physique, Hourglass, Belleze, and Maitreya) and boots (Slink High and unrigged scripted) are really nice.¬† The top though?¬† There’s something strange about those arms ūüôā

I took the below photo to demonstrate the issue.  You can see that the sleeves end up halfway down my hands.  And as the top is not rigged to the hand bones, well you can guess that you get all types of breakthrough in different poses (and just standing around under control of your AO).  Of course, being fitmesh, using the sliders to lengthen your arms lengthens the sleeves at the same time!

But as I said, the boots are really nice!

And if you don’t already have a pair of skinny black fitmesh jeans these are great too!


Boho eclectica

Okay, something I don’t do enough of — assemble outfits from components! ¬†This was a lot of fun, though, and features a few new goodies and a few old ones that I found in my inventory.

The two Alaska Metro items come from the Spoonful of Sugar 2017 Spring Festival going on right now!  The Foil Flash tattoo gacha comes in ten different placements over the torso, arms and legs.  The rare features all ten on one layer for your convenience.  I think I found a new fave tattoo!

A different shade for the¬†Petite Mort¬†scarf — melon — and taupe leggings. ¬†Petite Mort‘s¬†Gypsy beaded scarf is gorgeous, and comes in several lovely colours. ¬†It’s a perfect accent piece!

All I want to do is savour the taste of that kiss goodnight.

So… the question is, what will¬†you put together today?

Mahalo!  A hui hou!