Bento Wings

There are already a few Bento rigged wings on the market, but I’m pretty sure these ones from Atomic are the best at the moment!  The ad says they’re designed for male avis, but even though I’m short (1.85 metres/6 foot and a smidge) they work just fine for me.  Please try the demo!

The wings come with an animation overrider that animates the wings.  There are nine stands, three sits, a walk, and as you can imagine, flying anims, including hover, fly, fly down, and so on.  Most of the animations are quite impressive!  For convenience, the creator has also included the animations in a separate box.

The wings are always in motion, so wearing them to a dance party will certainly attract attention to your avi!

In addition to the AO, there’s also a texture change HUD for the wings, allowing you to select from eleven different colored textures so you can match your look.  The one I’m wearing here are the whitest.  Don’t expect pure white angel wings with these.  There is a dark texture (nearly black/gray) but this the lightest one, and the different colors in the texture HUD just change the top of the wings.  The primary wing feathers stay this dark for each texture.

My only minor problem with these is there is no way to stop the wings in a motionless folded state.  If they had this, they’d be perfect!

Bento is very exciting, and opens up another whole bunch of creative channels for designers.  I can’t wait to see what happens next!