Pink Cow Pants!

Nandi, a great friend, is nine years old!  Yay!  Happy Rezday, darling!  We’ve stopped doing rez day parties at Eden, but as she’s the manager there, she can get away with putting on a little party for herself, considering she is DJing anyway lol

Nandi likes pink.  And cows (don’t ask).  So I found this cool pink cow pants and hoodie top to wear to her party!   Not often you see me in pink 🙂

The outfit is rigged mesh and comes with HUDs for the top and pants.

  • Outfit: Animal print Jersey outfit by merssela designs (marketplace link)
  • Body: Lara by Maitreya
  • Hands: Slink Casual
  • Shoes: Skull Heart Mesh Sneakers by Skull Candy (no longer available?)
  • Hair: Kimberly by Alice Project
  • Makeup: Jelly Lip Gloss + Eyelashes + Blush by Pink Acid