Daughter of the sea

All life comes from the Sea.

  • Spyralle — Waverider Green Flash tattoo, fins, drape and crown
  • Luminesse — Sea Turtle Green Agate necklace & earrings
  • Exposeur Props and Poses — February Gift 15-6M pose (Marketplace Link)

When Kerryth at Spyralle came out with Waverider in mesh fins and Omega appliers (or standard SL layers) I thought WOW!  All it needs is a tail to be a perfect mermaid.  I’ve been on the hunt for a tail to a) complement it, and b) work with a mesh body ever since.

.:!EVolved creatures!:. came to the rescue, with a Bento enabled tail.   This tail waves so very smoothly, it is a joy to swim!

EVolved creatures has really put together a remarkable tail even without Bento.  MErmaid tail #1 features an amazing HUD that allows you to adjust glow, transparency, and alpha of the fins, belt, and scales.  There’s a skin blender at the waist, and an amazing selection of scale patterns.  I’ve shown a lightning-y one above — it’s my favourite as I think it complements Kerryth’s Waverider patterns (lightning is awfully fractal in nature, you know).  I thought I’d show you a few other options as well, though.

You can’t see the full crown so well with Calico‘s Talia hair, but it features a band across the forehead with fins from the side, and the same fractal motif as the body tattoo.  Luminesse‘s green agate Sea Turtle jewelry completes the ensemble.

I’ll admit, I took WAY too many pics of this, but I have so totally fallen in love with this outfit, both with and without the tail.  There are a host of pictures on flickr, and I’ll post more over the next few days.

Please go try out EVolved creatures‘s tail, there’s a 1L demo.  It doesn’t feature the HUD, but you can see how well it fits and how well it moves.  One quick note — the Bento tail can misbehave a bit on mermaid dances and animations (although it does fine on poses).  This is a Bento issue, and Tithis at EVolved is aware of it and working on the problem.  There will be a free update when it’s solved!

From this wahine hiʻu iʻa to all of you, aloha kakou!  Mahalo! A hui hou!