Siss Boom Pretty

I don’t often post pics of applier clothing as I’ve mentioned before.  With the proliferation of fitmesh, applier and system clothing is becoming less… important?  But sometimes, you find yourself needing something like undies for a flaired skirt or something, so of course I still have a collection 😉

I found myself in this situation the other day, with a 50’s style skirt that just wouldn’t have looked right if I alpha-ed out bits to protect my modesty!  So I rummaged in my inventory and found these great applier high waists from Siss Boom, which I must have had for over 18 months and never worn!  Despite their name, I didn’t realize just how pretty they were, and decided they deserved some photos for you 🙂

When textures are done really well like this, they can look absolutely fabulous on mesh bodies!  In addition to the black, they also come in white and periwinkle, in both Omega appliers and system layers.