Burnished copper

The other day I shared Dolphin from Ally★Adventure with you — an older bathing suit that I’ve had for a while.  I went back to look at Ally’s line, and have found that she’s offering new clothing fitted for mesh bodies!  I couldn’t resist Xenia!  Xenia is available in a host of different colours and textures, but I fell for the copper chainmail/mesh.  

I can’t resist another chance to show the sultry and seductive Nefertiti eyeliner from [GA.EG], built for their line of mesh faces.

Also, a happy greeting to a new sponsor, [Kikay] poses!  [Kikay] makes a host of beautiful cute poses for singles and for couples.  I’ll be sharing a lot with you as time goes on!

So much fun and sexy newness! Please stop by and take a look.  Ally★Adventure features demos with all their sizes (fitted mesh and rigged mesh) and textures.

Mahalo!  A hui hou!


Cropped Dress

This is a nice materials enabled dress from Paisley Daisy.  It comes in fitted mesh for standard sizes with specific fitmesh for Belleza, Maitreya, and Slink, and is a group gift.  Paisley Daisy is L$100 to join.

I really like the rounded neckline on this as it gives me an opportunity to show off my emeralds that were a gift from Aeon.  She spoils me sometimes!  There are matching earrings too, which you can just see in the picture below.


Demon wolf

I’ve said it before, you can be anything you want in SL 🙂  Here’s an MM win from Abyss Designs, a new store to me that was bought to my attention by talk (frenzy actually) in SLF&O group chat.

For some reason, the people in group chat were not revealing where this was, and I didn’t find it for a couple of days.  Abyss Designs is a FREE group, so you too could slap these boards and grab a complete avi like this!

I’m continuously amazed by how creative people are for SL.  The detail on this wolf is amazing, and it comes with an AO that makes you walk properly on all fours!  Check it out (and the other two amazing avis on the boards at the moment!)

Avatar: Demonic Wolf by Abyss Designs


Where’s my towel?

I’m not sure what’s going on here.  I just needed a buffered analgesic, and here I am wondering why there’s a bowl of petunias.  Thank goodness for Eclectic Stars, or I’d be totally lost.

at least I found my towel.  So I’ve got that going for me… which is nice.

Stop by Eclectic Stars and see what else Jadziyah has cooked up for you.  And enjoy a little bit of quirky fun.  🙂

Mahalo!  A hui hou!


In world store and sale!

Hello gentle reader!  I have some exciting news for you today, we have reopened our in-world store!  You’ll find a lot of Blue’s Fantasy products available for viewing and interaction in the new store.  Stop by and try out our wonderful Newtonian Telescope or our best selling Word Scrambles game.

For the first week, all of our products will be marked 10% off, but only at the store!  Stop by and have a look!

Location: Blue’s Fantasy Main Store – Jonesford Heights



A cool fitmesh dress for Lara only, and chunky belt and matching bracelets from Scandalize!  The belt and bracelets incorporate Scandalize’s logo.

The dress and belt is all one piece, but the belt comes in an unrigged version so you can wear it with something else.

As we’ve come to expect from Scandalize, the fitmesh for Lara is excellent.




Out lovely friend Frani returns for a photo shoot to show off a wonderful outfit called “Scavenger”!

Similar to the first time Frani modeled for us, she’s chosen to show off an outfit that’s only available in a gacha at Moon Elixer’s main store.  There are three fitmesh sizes in the gacha: Maitreya Lara, Slink Physique, and Slink Hourglass.  The gacha is L$75 a go, so either have deep pockets or be prepared to do swaps to get what you need 🙂

After I showed you Bento rigged wings yesterday, Frani showing another direction creators are taking with Bento by wearing one of the new Bento enabled mesh heads from Letluka.  These are rather amazing as they respond to the shape sliders.  You can get an extremely custom look with these.

So far, I’ve only played with a couple of demo heads.  I’m rather attached to the way I look, and while I’d love a mesh head for better photos (in particular, eyelashes) I am still adopting a wait and see attitude.


Bento Wings

There are already a few Bento rigged wings on the market, but I’m pretty sure these ones from Atomic are the best at the moment!  The ad says they’re designed for male avis, but even though I’m short (1.85 metres/6 foot and a smidge) they work just fine for me.  Please try the demo!

The wings come with an animation overrider that animates the wings.  There are nine stands, three sits, a walk, and as you can imagine, flying anims, including hover, fly, fly down, and so on.  Most of the animations are quite impressive!  For convenience, the creator has also included the animations in a separate box.

The wings are always in motion, so wearing them to a dance party will certainly attract attention to your avi!

In addition to the AO, there’s also a texture change HUD for the wings, allowing you to select from eleven different colored textures so you can match your look.  The one I’m wearing here are the whitest.  Don’t expect pure white angel wings with these.  There is a dark texture (nearly black/gray) but this the lightest one, and the different colors in the texture HUD just change the top of the wings.  The primary wing feathers stay this dark for each texture.

My only minor problem with these is there is no way to stop the wings in a motionless folded state.  If they had this, they’d be perfect!

Bento is very exciting, and opens up another whole bunch of creative channels for designers.  I can’t wait to see what happens next!


Warm and flirty

Mmmms, a warm snuggly sweater and a short skirt and cute boots?  Yes, they’re more happy gifts from Baby Monkey.  Complete the look with stockings and suspenders from Alaska Metro and it’s a warm and flirty look that I just love.

Is the skirt a bit short for stockings?  maybe… but I kinda like the tease.

Mahalo!  A hui hou!