Let’s have dinner in a nice little New York café, what do you say?

This outfit is the PoE9 Hunt gift from AlaFolie.  It’s a separate top and skirt.  The standard sizes don’t appear to be standard (with things like “XXS XS” on one piece for example) but I didn’t try them on to see as the package contains specific fitmesh for lots of bodies, including Lara.

I also want to specifically mention my hair style.  This is the reds pack for Stone Cold Seduction by Exile.  In my opinion, you won’t find a more versatile hair in SL, and it’s certainly one of my favs.  It’s possible to vary this from dark reds to strawberry blondes like you see here, and you can add streaks in a number of colours.  I just added some brown streaks here to make this appear even more blonde that it really is.