Buying a swimsuit in the middle of winter is a nice way to save money in RL, but you don’t get much of a discount in SL!  It’s summer every day in SL somewhere 🙂

This, in my (completely biased) opinion, is the best one piece swimsuit in SL at the moment.  It’s made by Maitreya so if you don’t have Lara, you’re out of luck.  It’s a little spendy at L$300, but I’ve spent nearly that in real money for a swimsuit in RL, so I can’t complain too much lol

It has a color HUD for the braided straps, but not the swimsuit itself.  So select your color carefully!

And getting the strap color right is important if you opt to get the additional kimono cover-up (L$325, hey it was Christmas time 🙂 )