Hankie top

I was looking though my unopened folder and came across this great little bandana top by Etchaflesh that I’d completely forgotten about.  I think it was on their MM boards a month or so ago.

It has standard sizes and a bunch of fitmesh sizes, including Lara (you know when I don’t list them, I’ve cleaned up the ones I don’t have bodies for, and am too lazy to unpack the box again lol).

The top also has a mammoth thirty-two color HUD.  If you can’t find a color to suit, I’ll be very surprised!

The top fits perfectly over my Coco fitmesh jeans 🙂




What a clever name for this fab little group gift (gg, get it?) from Maitreya.  Obviously this is fitmesh for Lara.  And oh my, it fits like a glove!

It’s available to members of the Maitreya V.I.P. Group for FREE in the main store.  The group is FREE to join.

It also has a HUD with twelve color selections.


Clean up

In preparation for Aeon’s return from vacation, I thought I better clean the house up.  Of course, wearing a stereotypical outfit whilst performing such chores is mandatory 🙂

The outfit is applier and prim, and for the amount of prim, is surprisingly low on the complexity scale.


Reindeer helper

Instead of going to a Santa’s little helper party in the usual, I went as a reindeer.  After all, they help by pulling the sleigh 🙂

The hair, dress, antlers, nose, collar, and arm warmers are ShuShu’s PoE 9 Hunt gift.  You only have a couple of days left for PoE which finishes at the end of the month.  So hurry, hurry!

The deer legs are from a wonderful faun outfit I have from Catseye.



One of the items in the PoE9 Hunt was this fab little skating outfit!  Ice skates?  Check 🙂

It’s only in rigged mesh, but the medium works will on Lara for me.  The tights come on a tattoo layer and there is an Omega applier included in the package.

Also including is the scarf/necklace, which makes the outfit something special.



Last weekend at Eden, we had our Winter Queen event where Sabine, the club owner, with some input from staff, selects who is to be winter queen for the season.  I’ve had the honour to be chosen back in 2014, and it’s a bit of a thrill 🙂

Anyway, I was sort of running the show as this year we had a runway for the girls to parade on if they wanted to be a candidate in the contest.  As I built the runway, it fell to me to organize the girls who wanted to walk.  Nandi, our club manager, said I should set my tag to “Eden’s Heidi Klum” lol.  So while I got a nice outfit, I wasn’t even under consideration for the title.

Here’s what I wore.  As has been the norm in the last couple of weeks, it’s from the PoE9 Hunt 🙂

The basic dress is standard size fitmesh, and there are body specific fitmesh for Slink Physique and Hourglass, and Maitreya.  The flexi skirt is really well done, with a great shape that I should investigate 🙂 and it’s really well textured too!

I wore my fantasy frost skin, and at the last minute came across a nice white tattoo, also from PoE9.


Season’s Greetings 2016

These were the pics for our holiday cards this year.  It’s interesting to see how we both took pics of the same pose simultaneously and came up with very different results!

Photo credit: Blue

Photo credit: Aeon

Aeon says:  It’s not a surprise to me that so many cultures have set their calendars so that the turning of the year comes during the long dark. It seems a moment of change, when things might seem to weigh down on us. As an astronomer, I usually celebrate the dark: it’s during these months that the stars shine most brightly.

It has been a tumultuous year for many of us… and some of us are uncertain at what lies ahead. But no matter what you celebrate or how you celebrate.  Join with me in taking a some time to sit back with the ones that we are close to, no matter how much distance on this globe separates us. Make amends with those we have wandered away from.

Sing to one another, laugh with one another, love one another.

This moment of peace, this moment of friendship, of love will carry us through the next year.

Mele Kalikimaka me ka Hau’oli Makahiki Hou! A hui hou kākou!

Blue says: Christmas is always a special time of year for me.  For my family, it’s always been the day that we all try and get together.  We’ve even had days where half of us have been living overseas and the other half have traveled so we could celebrate together.  When we can’t be together, we’re still thinking of each other, and for me, the season is all about love and peace and reflection on things accomplished over the past year.

In SL, looking back at some of the posts and the memories they invoke, reminding myself of the times Aeon and I have spent together building, playing, dancing, just the two of us, or with our wonderful group of friends, makes me very happy indeed.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the posts we’ve done for you throughout the year.  And from my heart, a very merry Christmas to you and your families, and may the New Year bring you love and happiness and the fulfillment of all your dreams!



Snowflakes and Sparkle

Two lovely little winter treats for you today — a beautiful little snowflakes jumper and some amazing jewelry from Earthstones!  The jumper is an older one group gift from Calamitous Intent, but is a favourite for the cold winter months. 

I’ll readily admit, I love sparkle.  Not cheezy bling, but beautiful sparkling lights.  So when I saw the beautiful Twinkling Lights jewelry at Earthstones, I completely fell in love.  There is a necklace, earrings, bracelet and anklet, sold separately so you can choose what you love.  I love them all!

GLITTER —Always #3 pose

As you might expect, Twinkling Lights is a little script-heavy, but it’s not bad — just be warned that if you are on a heavy-traffic sim (a busy club?) and they monitor scripts, you might be up high on the board  🙂  BUT the sparkle is beautiful, and I’ve been wearing it mostly non-stop since I got it!

  • bauwerk — Winter Nook (with Snowtop) pose

Wherever you are this holiday season, however you celebrate this time of year, I wish you happiness and light.  Mele Kalikimaka me ka Hau’oli Makahiki Hou!


Cardigan and top

Back on the PoE gifts again, this is a wonderful little fitmesh top and cardigan from Ink Blots.

There are standard rigged sizes in the pack along with specific fitmesh for Slink, Belleza, and Maitreya.  I added some mesh jeans and boots to complete the look.

  • Cardigan and top: POE9 Female Gift by Ink Blots
  • Jeans: Skinny Jeans Black by Prism
  • Body: Lara by Maitreya
  • Handst: Slink Casual
  • Boots: Silver Seduction Ankle Boots by Bootgasm (marketplace link)
  • Hair: Stone Cold Seduction by Exile



Christmas bunny

What’s in the box??! What’s in the box?!?


What’s not in the box is this awesome little present from Furry Fashion available right now under their tree in the main store.  Actually, there are three different ones, all the same mesh but for Christmas (shown), Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa!

The dresses are not just for furries, with standard mesh sizes and specific fitmesh for Slink Hourglass and Physique, Tonic Fine and Curvy, Maitrya, Belleza Venus, Freya and Isis, and TMP!  There are three gifts there for males too, so grab the man in your life and drag him along.  Run and get yours now!

Thanks to my wonderful friend Katkind for pointing these out to me!