Nacra 17

When I first started in SL, I quickly became aware of sailing.  I was a keen dinghy sailor when I was growing up, and I’ve also done some yachting since then.  I looked at what was available in SL and took a number of boats for demo runs (including a hydrofoil which scared the pants off me!)

In the end I settled for a Nacra 17 catamaran, which in my option is the best cat in SL.


I’m not going to do a major review here.  You can read a review elsewhere.  I’d just like to point out a couple of things.  The boat is a model of the Olympic Class cat that made its début at Rio earlier this year.  The boat is fabulously well detailed and as you can see, you can set the textures for everything to customize the look.


I just settled for our logo spread across the main and gennaker.

Also, you can sail it with one or two people, and you can clearly see the two trapeze in the above photo.

It’s a super fun boat to sail, and while you can be up and running on it in very quick time, it takes some mastering, particularly with two people.


My only problem with it is you can’t assign it to be sailed by a group or even switch between the skipper and crew positions.  I know that the creator has issued updated versions recently.  Surely it would be simple to do a swap function or a group permission function?  (Actually, having looked at the BWind script that the Nacra uses, albeit a modified version for cats, I know it’s possible and already coded in there).



Princess Diedre

The White Armory has a lovely dress for their group gift this week! Princess Diedre is all mesh in five standard sizes, and perfect colouring for me!




Princess Diedre is available for the next two days only: new group gifts at The White Armory every Sunday SL time!

Mahalo, my friends!   A hui hou!




This was a MM win at Entice the other day.


The dress comes in a one-size-fits-all fitmesh that works on Lara if you don’t wear any physics.  I had to tweak my shape just a little to get it to work.  It’s also in the standard rigged mesh sizes if you want to wear it with the alpha on a system avi.

I really like the drape details, front and back, so I worked hard to make it fit.

The dress also comes with a three texture HUD that includes lavender and light yellow versions.





Wow!  The glamorous Ia Riederer has agreed to model for my camera!  She tolerated a ridiculously long photo shoot, but I hope that you’ll agree it’s worth it.


  • Blueberry — Energy #27 Solid dress black (Gacha)
  • Blueberry — Energy #16 Chain Bra black (Gacha)
  • Blueberry — Energy #5 Boots black (Gacha)
  • Blueberry — Energy #21 Armlets black (Gacha)
  • Blueberry — Energy #22 Choker black (Gacha)


Ia shows off some wonderful pieces from Blueberry.  I’ve really fallen in love with Blueberry lately: they feature some gorgeous meshes and textures, for the casual to the classy!  Ia leaves no doubt where on that spectrum she falls on.


I love the choker and armlets/bracers. Blueberry‘s clothing is materials enabled: the armlets and the sequins on Ia’s top really catch the light.


Should a photographer tell which shots are her favourites?  Perhaps not.  In any case, look for more from Ia in the future!

Mahalo!  A hui hou!

  • Hair: no.match  No Matter
  • Skin: ESODE Olivia with CATWA applier
  • Face: Catwa  Jessica, v 4.10
  • Makeup: Izzie’s  Catwa freckles applier,  Arte – Passion eyeshadow
  • Eyes: Catwa Mesh eyes v 1.0
  • Body: Maitreya  Lara, v 3.5

Forever Autumn

This sweater and dress are all one piece, but they are a lovely group gift for SLF&O from Entice.


There are standard and fitmesh sizes for classic avis, and specific sizes for Maitreya, Slink, and Belleza.  The outfit also comes with a HUD allowing you to select two other color combinations that the natural browns I’m showing you here.  We’ll call them teal and salmon for want of something more descriptive 🙂



Little Devil

I know Halloween is over, but I just got around to unpacking this SLF&O Halloween group gift from Ana Markova, and it’s so cute I just can’t wait for an appropriate event to show it to you!


The outfit is in what appears to be system specific fitmesh in standard sizes.  I tried it on Lara but it has the problem a lot of non-specific mesh stuff has with Lara and won’t fit tight around the pelvis.  So here we have it on system.

The included alpha has a significant issue, so I’m wearing without an alpha, and it seems to be just fine that way.  No clipping anywhere (which is what makes me think it’s system specific fitmesh).

The horns and the wings are included.  I just need a tail and a pitchfork!



Lady of the Highlands

Oh my, I am terribly embarrassed.  I had taken photos for a post on a lovely tartan gown from Silvan Moon Designs, and somehow in some research-related travels had not gotten the post written — and then had forgotten about the photos.  So let me share Lady Broch Tauroch with you now!  Lady Broch Tauroch is available in three beautiful colours, and only at We Love Roleplay!   Below is Moors, a lovely dark green.ladybrochtuarach_c011

The Highlands pattern features a dark dusty blue tartan.

The fine detail on this gown is amazing.  I’m so very impressed with the pattern on that knit scarf, as well as the lovely pin included.


It’s a beautiful sunset… and the heather palette features the lavender shades of those pretty blossoms


Stop by We Love Roleplay! and take a look  This is a gorgeous gown, and while it’s stunning for roleplay, it’s also just perfect for the cooler weather as we in the northern hemisphere move into winter.

Mahalo!  A hui hou!