Nacra 17

When I first started in SL, I quickly became aware of sailing.  I was a keen dinghy sailor when I was growing up, and I’ve also done some yachting since then.  I looked at what was available in SL and took a number of boats for demo runs (including a hydrofoil which scared the pants off me!)

In the end I settled for a Nacra 17 catamaran, which in my option is the best cat in SL.


I’m not going to do a major review here.  You can read a review elsewhere.  I’d just like to point out a couple of things.  The boat is a model of the Olympic Class cat that made its début at Rio earlier this year.  The boat is fabulously well detailed and as you can see, you can set the textures for everything to customize the look.


I just settled for our logo spread across the main and gennaker.

Also, you can sail it with one or two people, and you can clearly see the two trapeze in the above photo.

It’s a super fun boat to sail, and while you can be up and running on it in very quick time, it takes some mastering, particularly with two people.


My only problem with it is you can’t assign it to be sailed by a group or even switch between the skipper and crew positions.  I know that the creator has issued updated versions recently.  Surely it would be simple to do a swap function or a group permission function?  (Actually, having looked at the BWind script that the Nacra uses, albeit a modified version for cats, I know it’s possible and already coded in there).