I was sorting inventory the other day when I came across my folder from the Boho Fair from earlier this year!  I’d completely forgotten it as it wasn’t in my usual place for unopened things!  So, yay, blog fodder 🙂


This is a great outfit from Prism, and in addition to the five standard mesh sizes, comes with a one-size-fits-all fitmesh version.  It’s all one piece so no mix and match.  I’m wearing it on Lara, and it has a tiny issue at the back of the skirt which could easily be fixed with a shape tweak (I retouched the below pic, shhh).

The bee and honeycomb texture is very cute!


I matched it with some knee high boots from Baby Monkey, which has a huge color selection HUD, and I nearly got a perfect color match!



Snow and steam

This is the November group gift from Azul.  I unpacked it and looked and went OMG how am I going to photograph this?  Black is terrible for showing up detail, and the detail on this is rather nice, in a steampunky type of way.  Even with shadows enabled and a prim point light to try and pick up the highlights, my photos don’t do it justice.  You need to run and pick it up yourself!  Azul is FREE to join, and there are a ton of group gifts available when you do!


The dress is in standard size rigged mesh.  There are no special sizes for mesh bodies.  I tried it on Lara anyway, and it works, although I had to wear the medium size (makes note to go to the gym).


As the dress is steampunk influenced, I found a nice Neo-Victorian alleyway to photograph in.  With the snow on the ground, I know the holiday season is just around the corner 🙂


  • Outfit: GroupGift2016Nov Dress by Azul
  • Body: Lara by Maitreya
  • Hands and feet: Slink
  • Shoes: Rachel Black Lace Boots by Hilly Haalan
  • Stockings: Sensual Stockings by Black Swan
  • Hair: Liv by EMO-tions
  • Lips: Lip Gloss Copper 01 by kozmetik (hunt item, not available on marketplace)
  • Liner: Kitty by Glamorize
  • Eyes: Deep Sky Spring Moss by Mayfly
  • Lashes: Lashes 01 by WoW Skins
  • Skin: Adore Peach Bare by Lumae
  • Earrings: Mystic Knot Earrings by Pomposity

Cooler weather

I pulled this outfit on this morning, as the weather is starting to cool down noticeably, and nothing beats a nice comfy sweater.   This is FAC’s November group gift.  FAC is FREE to join!


The sweater and pants are all one piece, and comes in a range of mesh, including classic rigged, classic fitmesh, and body specific fitmesh for Belleza, Maitrya, Slink Physique, and Slink Hourglass.  It comes with an eight texture HUD allowing you to change the colour of the sweater and in a couple of selections, the pants texture very subtly.




A bit 80s

I’ve mentioned before and recently too that I’m not fond of showing you applier outfits; but when they’re as well done as this, I’ll have no hesitation!


This leotard and tights outfit comes on tattoo layers and has appliers for Slink, Belleza, Maitreya, and Omega.  You have the option of wearing either the leotard by itself or with the tights.  It’s a bit 80s throwback, but hey! perfect for a yoga or dance workout 🙂



Cold as You

This is a current group gift for SLF&O members from Legendaire.  I was rather unhappy to find that it didn’t have appliers for the two tee-shirts with it, forcing me to wear it on system.  But after I got it on, I was really happy with the look!


This is plain rigged mesh, pants and top, and a system layer tee shirt.  The matching heels are for Slink High, and are really nice!  As I mentioned, there are two tee shirts, a black and a white one.  There is also a black version of the hoodie, which goes nicely with the white tee.




  • Outfit: Cold As You. Pants, Hoodie, Tee, Shoes by Legendaire
  • Hands and feet: Slink
  • Hair: Rachael – Burnt Tanned by Calico

Falling leaves

This classy outfit shouts “Autumn” with its pretty fallen leaves pattern on the blouse.  And it will keep you warm with the addition of the matching jacket too!


The blouse and capris are one piece and you can add the jacket or not.  It comes in (takes a deep breath) classic rigged, and fitmesh for Freya, Isis, Venus, TMP, Belleza, Slink Physique and Hourglass, and Maitreya.

This is a current group gift for members of SLF&O.  SLF&O is FREE to join.



Cyber Angel

The lovely Ia agreed to model for me again, and shows off one of my favourite of her outfits, a cyber angel, hard as steel and tender as a kiss



The mecha tail is wonderfully animated, darting about with a mind of its own.  I’m quite sure it’s powered by a cat’s brain — ahhh, the miracles of future tech.


I think… to get philosophical for a moment…. that one of the joys of SL, or cosplay — or any similar opportunity to change who we are, or who we look like — is that we get the chance to explore ourselves more.  I can look at Ia’s bionics – her wings, the little mechapet floating around — and her beauty, her humanity shines all the more.


Mahalo nui loa to Ia for sitting for my camera again.  I’ll try to talk her into posing again sometime, this was a lot of fun!

Mahalo!  A hui hou!

  • Hair: no.match  No Matter
  • Skin: ESODE Olivia with CATWA applier
  • Face: Catwa  Jessica, v 4.10
  • Makeup: Izzie’s  Catwa freckles applier,  Arte – Passion eyeshadow
  • Eyes: Catwa Mesh eyes v 1.0
  • Body: Maitreya  Lara, v 3.5


Blending into the urban backdrop, this great little camo dress by Scandalize is their group gift for this month.  Sandalize is FREE to join!


It’s in fitmesh for Maitreya only.


I’m also excited to show off my new hairdo from eXxEsS!  I really got it to go with some swimwear, but I think it works well with this too!  It comes with a huge 56 color HUD and is a bit of a steal at only L$199 🙂



The Woodcutter’s Daughter

Aloha, my friends!   Enchantment is on, and Silvan Moon Designs has the perfect dirndl set for you:  The Woodcutters Daughter!

As you’ve come to expect, Silvan Moon leaves little lacking: the multilayered mesh is beautifully crafted and textured, giving a perfect look for roleplaying, that Octoberfest party (that’s only 11 months away!) or for wearing just because it makes you happy.


Woodcutter’s Daughter comes in four colours: a delightful hunter green, blue, lilac, and turqoise (not shown).


The whole dirndl set is crafted into one piece: Skirt, blouse, bodice and apron. Silvan Moon has you covered with five standard mesh sizes plus fitmesh versions for Maitreya and Slink avatars plus a fitmesh for the standard SL avatar.


Silvan Moon Designs never disappoints.  Stop by Enchantment today — pick up a demo or a fatpack — and take a look at the other treasures around the event.  Then visit Silvan Moon Designs and see what else Bee and Solas have created for you!

Mahalo!  A hui hou!