Scary Halloween

We’ve had a busy Halloween season at Eden!  This is the outfit (or maybe “body shape and skin”) that I wore for the main party!   Scary, scary!


This demon is truly an incredible work of art as the body is massively materials enabled.  You have to wear the included lighting system and ensure you have Advanced Lighting switched on to get the full effect, but oh my it looks just amazing.  My photos don’t do it justice.  There are two versions, this one and one in black and green.

The only drawback with something like this is the rendering complexity.  It’s over 300K!  For the party I didn’t wear the lighting as dancing causes enough glitter and ripples over the skin, just because you’ve moving enough.



Outfit and shape: Matre Superior Hellica by [BEGIN] Creations


Maiden of E’na Dorei

Here’s another little item that was in my unopened folder, hiding in the Advent gifts from The White Armory from last year (eep! has it been languishing for that long?)


The gown is a one-size-fits-all fitmesh piece, with the flexi sleeves adding a nice flow-y look.  Compared to the other outfit from the same Advent giveaway I posted yesterday, this is not as good, and would have probably been better in standard sized fitmesh.  I had quite a lot of problems getting it to fit Lara just right, and if you want to wear period boots with it, they are going to poke through the back of the gown.

Nonetheless, it’s a nice outfit for medieval events or RP.




Elf Warrior

After doing the post from yesterday about role play outfits, I was going through one of my unopened folders (yes, I have mote that one for various things!)  This folder is called “Nope!” as I throw things in there that I’m not happy with on initial viewing (for example, stuff that’s system layer only).  Every now and then I go through it more carefully and throw things out that I realize I was right about on the first look.  And every now and then, I come across a nugget I missed!

This outfit was an Advent gift from The White Armory.


Probably the reason I threw it in an unopened folder was the fact that the pants for it are system only, meaning I can’t wear it on Lara.  So, after discovering how good the rest looked, I went hunting for some applier tights I knew I had, and this is the result.  Add a sword, et voilà!

The best thing about this outfit it the flexi cloak.  The photos don’t really do it justice.  It looks fantastic and moves perfectly.


  • Outfit: The Sixth Age Elven Warrior Set by The White Armory
  • Tights: Fall/Winter 2015 by Baby Monkey
  • Body: Lara by Maitreya
  • Hands: Slink  Casual
  • Hair: NIA by fiore (closed?)
  • Ears: Leevi Long Ears by Lumae
  • Weapon: War Sword Magic by SG Design (marketplace link, item unavailable)



One last spell to cast….

One more witch for this season?

Petite Mort brings us a wonderful little in-store hunt for my final witch of the season: each item in the hunt is part of the Gypsy Witch – hat, skirt, lace shawl, peasant top, and pentacle choker.  Three’s still a little time before All Hallow’s Eve!


The Gypsy Witch features Petite Mort‘s flour sack peasant top, lace shawl, and gypsy skirt.  Each comes in the standard five sizes, plus Belleza, Maitreya, and Slink fitmesh!


Setting the hat aside for a moment, Gypsy Witch makes for a wonderful slightly gothy outfit.  OMG I love Petite Mort‘s fitmesh!


  • Sexy Stand 3 pose


A little bit of a closeup on the choker.  The witch’s hat can oversize a bit without looking out-of-sorts, but a little creative editing of a hairdo can always help, too.  🙂   I don’t usually wear heavy eyeshadow or dark lippy, but it definitely works with this outfit, I think!


  • ProPose —  Group Gift September F1 pose

The worst part, to me, of the end of the Hallowe’en season?  Everyone always expects the costumes to be put away for another year.

Me, I’ll always wear my inner witch… so don’t be surprised if you see me in my pointy hat out-and-about in SL.

Mahalo!  A hui hou!



How about some scary stuff coming up to Halloween?  I don’t do role play much, but after all this time in SL, I’ve gathered some interesting outfits 🙂  This scary demon type thing was from a hunt earlier this year.  Mwahaha!


The outfit is called “Elmon Warrior HERS” and I’m not sure but I think it’s related to a video game.  Anyway, the overall look with the cloven hooves, multipoint chained tail, horns, and arm blades is freaky!  Superb stuff if you want to go around and frighten some newbies 🙂

The outfit is all inclusive, and in addition to the items already mentioned, it comes with the ears, pasties, and chain harnesses.  Very generous for a hunt item!





Welcome our lovely friend Frani, who’s today showing us a spectacular outfit from Moon Elixir.


I talked Frani into modelling for the blog, and I said “You can wear anything you like that’s not already on the blog”, and she sent me a link to the outfit she’s wearing in these pics.  Without even reading the name of the outfit (or the name of the shop hehe), when I saw it, I instantly pictured her in front of the ocean with the moon on the water.

This is her first modelling shoot, and she was a little nervous, but oh my I hope you’ll agree, she looks fantastic!


Her outfit is fitmesh for Maitreya Lara only, and was available as gacha items at The Epiphany back in April, but the items are still available in the store.


  • Outfit: Chakra charcoal – sweater, high sock, legwarmers, and underwear by Moon Elixir
  • Body, hands, and feet: Lara by Maitreya
  • Skin: Lovisa Peach 03 by LAQ
  • Eyes: Green Dreamy by AvaWay
  • Hair: Faded Reds by Lamb
  • Makeup: Barbara Ann Full MU sea daisy by Carrie’s (item not available in store or marketplace)
  • Nail polish: Heartastic Colours by Avicandy
  • Necklace and bracelet: Anya’s pearl bracelets and necklace from RealEvil Industries
  • Rings: Mystic by Blushed
  • Gold Nose Ring: Hanaware (marketplace link)


This is a recent SLF&O gift from Nevermore Designs.


The dress comes in standard mesh sizes plus there are standard sizes for those with a little more in the boob department.  There are also fitmesh versions for Maitreya, Belleza, and Slink.  Also included are the nice sandals for Slink High.




Hanky Panky

This cute little outfit was on Nevermore Designs’ Midnight Mania board for a number of days before we finally scared up enough people to come and click it 🙂  Thanks to Sorcha for leaving it on the board for long enough!


This is in standard sizes, but the extra small works well for me on Lara.  Also included in the package were a pair of his and hers skinny mesh jeans in standard sizes, and a really great set of cheetah print keds for Slink Flat that I’m sure I’ll show you in a future post!


I’m glad it’s easier to change your hair colour in SL than it is in RL!  This works with my standard reds, but it works so much better with this great blonde style 🙂