The blog is a year old!


Blue says: What a journey we’ve had over the last year!  We’ve done 420 posts and I’m not even going to count the number of photos we’ve posted for you, gentle reader.  Speaking personally, I’ve loved every minute of it, finding outfits, finding locations, taking photos, learning along the way to make better things, presenting better, and just having a great experience all round.  I hope you’ve all got some pointers to good clothing, hair, jewelry, and everything else we’ve posted about.  And I hope you’ve all tried to support the fantastic designers that make this amazing second life possible.  My beautiful partner Aeon has been here with me through all the good times (and some not so good times as well) and she is just too wonderful for words.  Supportive, loving, caring, creative, full of ideas and enthusiasm, I don’t know how she puts up with her nutsy script girl sometimes 🙂  Love her, I do.  As we run hand in hand across new fields, who knows what’s around the next corner, what the next discovery will be, what we’ll learn next?  I hope you’ll join us in all that’s to come!

Aeon says: How is it already a year?  How is it only a year?  I’ll be honest, I never thought of myself as knowing anything about fashion, but this has been such an incredible experience.  I think every day is a little better for learning something new, and creating something new, and this blog has definitely been a part of it.  Perhaps dabbling in RL photography has made me a better SL photographer: but I definitely know that I’ve become a better RL portrait/human photographer than I ever was as a result of this blog.  Every day is a new opportunity to grow, and I’ve been so lucky to be here, and to have a partner like Blue at my side.  Sometimes I can’t tell who has the crazier ideas, she or me, but the best part is jumping into them together.  Mahalo nui loa — thank you all, so very much, for travelling with us.  We hope you’ll stay along for the ride, we have so much more to share!  A hui hou!

Pose: BFF by Blue’s Fantasy