I asked our wonderful friend and neighbour Katkind to help me with some pose adjusts in Snug Harbour’s pool (after another friend Rose wanted me to create couples pose objects instead of just putting poses in the pool).  So I roughly adjusted them, and as Aeon is away for the day, I thought we could get it out of the way and have a gab at the same time 🙂

So after fixing the poses and jumping out of the pool and getting changed, I commented on how much I liked Kat’s outfit, then thought “Ohhh I’ll ask her to model for some photos for the blog!”  She loved the idea and here we are!  Yay!


Doesn’t she look gorgeous?  Let’s hope I have all the details for her outfit right 🙂


  • Top: Row Top by Gaall
  • Shorts: Ladies MESH Shorts Maui by Gas
  • Hands, head. elf ears: Yabusaka (marketplace link)
  • Eyes: Real Eyes – Gold Green by Amacci
  • Feet: Slink Mid
  • Shoes: Tribal Sandals (Pintupi) by [*K*] (marketplace link)
  • Hair: Roberta Mesh Hair – Golden by Wasabi Pills
  • Wings: Iridescent Dragonfly Wings by KK Fantasy (marketplace link)
  • Bangle: Athena 3 – SILVER by MG Jewelry
  • Necklace: chanel 125 coin necklace by *yoyo9* (marketplace link)
  • Lip piercing: Envi (SheiShie)