Autumn Browns

It’s September, and some of us are experiencing the cooler weather… time for a little heavier of a dress, I think!  The peppers are ready to pick (and this little duck will be making some fiery salsa), but in the meantime, I’d best chase the ducks away from the garden!

Blue Moon Enterprises offers Coreen in rust, a beautiful one-piece mesh dress and blouse for their September group gift.  It’s in five standard sizes, and is perfect for a cool autumn day!

Solas does the most amazing detail work on her mesh.  Look at the folds in the neckline and on the sleeve, and the detail work along the top of the dress, and the stitching down the back.  If only I had her skill!


Now, on to more pressing matters — for a share of the salsa, who will help me dice my peppers?

Aloha!  A hui hou!