I’m a big fan of clothing that plays well with a mesh body.  Certainly the top-of-the-pops is the more recent trend in mesh-body-specific fitmesh (yes, I do a little squeeeee when a product comes out in Slink Fitmesh) — but appliers certainly can be great as well.  Fitmesh gives that three-dimensional texture which is (to me) preferable, but a well-done applier can be fantastic with a skin-tight outfit.  Luana, the latest group gift from *It’s Gau*, is a great example!


Now, time for a little pet peeve.   Maybe you’ve run into this problem –my avi height is a fair bit above normal for RL (1.95 m/6’3″), yet many designers make mesh for avis that are clearly much much larger.  This outfit comes with a lovely set of armlets and bracelets, each of which have resizer scripts – but while the minimum size of the armlets is not bad, the minimum size for the bracelets is at least twice as big as they need to be to fit!  Now, I don’t think that my wrists are ridiculously small, but that’s just silly.  Now, having made mesh, I understand that there are limits to shrinking certain mesh sizes, but there are some clever ways around that.  Any mesh maker worth their pixels really should remember that not everyone in SL is a giantess!



  • <manual pose>

I don’t know how long Luana will be at *It’s Gau*, but stop by and take a look!

Mahalo!  A hui hou!