Green Envy

Did you know (of course you did) that there’s a lot of role play in Second Life?  These photos were taken at the Amazon River sim, a huge eight-sim wide role play area.  It also boasts one of the few (so far) user written experiences in SL.  Of course I only went there to find a location for this very risqué outfit.  The things I do for you, dear reader 🙂

green envy silks_001c

This outfit is mostly prim, and the top comes with a system layer and an Omega applier.  In case you’ve never met me in world, I’m pretty petite for an avatar in SL, standing only 6 feet (185cm) tall.  This outfit was designed for your standard sized Amazon, not little old me.  I scaled everything down as far as I could then had to edit each prim individually to get it sized to fit me.  You certainly need some building skills for this one 🙂

green envy silks_002

green envy silks_003