A Queen for the Desert

Moonlitecat Creations brings us Hatshepsut, a lovely gift in mesh, suitable for any desert oasis.



Hatshepsut comes in the standard mesh sizes, and fits pretty nicely.  The skirt is mesh, but dances awfully well for long mesh.


Incidentally, Hatshepsut is thought to have been the longest-reigning female pharoah of the Egyptian New Kingdom (ca 1500 BCE), reigning for twenty-one years after the death of her husband, Thutmose II.  She served as king, not queen, having herself depicted on monuments with the male pharonic beard and kilt, and rather devoid of female body shape.  Some twenty years after her son, Thutmose III, took the throne, he moved to eradicate her monuments and her name from history — apparently in a move to consolidate his political power.

So, there you go, something new to learn!  There’s a lovely article by National Geographic here.

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Mahalo!  A hui hou!