Monster mouth

This is a hunt gift from the Woman Only Hunt, which has just finished.  I hope you got out there and grabbed some of the wonderful free gifts from some fab designers!

This is really a bodysuit, but I think it works best as a swimsuit ūüôā

monster mouth_003

It’s in system layers and has Omega appliers.¬† I think it looks great and oh it makes me laugh ūüôā

monster mouth_002



Dressed by Lexi brings us a lovely gift this month, the seductive Captivate gown.  Lexi has created all of my favourite gowns, and Captivate is a very sexy little number with Omega appliers and a flexi-prim skirt, the best for dancing!

I’ve added a lovely little jewelry set from (Style Society). ¬†This was a gift from one of my first friends in SL, and it makes me think of her every time I wear it!


Captivate is available in six beautiful colours, and Lexi has shoes and a jewelry set to match them.  They shoes and jewelry set feature texture-change HUDs, and are sure to accentuate not only this gown, but other items in your wardrobe as well.

Take a look at¬†Dressed by Lexi¬†today, I’m sure you’ll find it just as…¬†captivating.

Mahalo, and a hui hou!



While out on a hunt the other day I came across this micro tutu for Maitreya, Slink, and Belleza Hourglass… 50% off… must have ūüôā

micro tutu_004

It comes with a HUD with five different beautiful lace textures of varying degrees of transparency, all in white.  The cute bow is detachable too, if you want a more plain look.

micro tutu_001

I’ve no doubt your significant other is going to love it just as much as you do!

micro tutu_005

Please note this is not suitable for classic avatars, you must have one of the mesh bodies it was designed for.


A Glass of Burgundy

Carrie’s Lingerie¬†has brought us a lovely gown and lingerie set, the lovely¬†Brea. ¬†As a gown,¬†Brea features a lovely flexi skirt to complement the Omega applier / SL layer body and stockings (and gloves).


The lingerie features the same body/torso as the gown, save without the transparent panel. ¬† ¬†Brea is a beautiful gown, and reminds me of Carrie’s older¬†Holiday Sparkles gown. ¬†(Oooh, an applier re-release of¬†that would be wonderful, Carrie!)

Mahalo, and a hui hou!


Blue Azul

Wait, that’s redundant ūüôā¬† Not to worry, this lovely casual long dress from Azul is this month’s group gift for members, and Azul is FREE to join!

azul june gg_003

The dress comes in the five standard sizes in fitmesh, plus fitmesh for Maitreya, Belleza, and Slink.  I love fitmesh!

azul june gg_005


Vintage Rogue

A quick little blurb for¬†The White Armory‘s latest group gift! ¬†Femme Fatale Rogue is a¬†fun little mesh outfit comes in the standard five sizes, and is in two pieces – the uppers (as one mesh unit) and the lowers (pants and boots as a single mesh unit).

  • The White Armory – –¬†Femme Fatale Rogue (Tortuga)¬†jacket, leggings and boots¬†(group gift, 2016/06/12)
  • Pixel BoxThe¬†Exception goggles
  • :: envi ::Sabra Ear Piercing – Venus


Mahalo!  A hui hou!


A New Moon

A few days ago, I had the pleasure to share with you a lovely collaboration between Solas at Blue Moon Enterprises and Bee Dumpling at The White Armory, two of my favourite period and fantasy designers.

Solas and Bee have forged this new collaborative effort into Silvan Moon Designs, featuring mesh clothing made by Solas and textured by Bee.  The first release under the Silvan Moon label is Calista Rain, a beautiful mesh wedding gown featuring rigged and unrigged mesh belt versions, and flexi cape and empire skirt that flow beautifully.


Solas’ skill with mesh can hardly be overstated — those aren’t¬†applier gloves, they’re fitted mesh! ¬†And Bee’s exquisite texturing brings it to life!



As I was getting this blog post together, I received word that Bee and Solas are releasing¬†Calista Rain in a variety of colours! ¬†I’ll have to post a few more pics later.

The Silvan Moon offerings are currently available at both Blue Moon Enterprises and The White Armory Shops, as well as a small Silvan Moon Designs shop.  Come and take a look!


PMS Tatts

I just wanted to do a quick shout out to Pimp My Sh*t, who do some fab gothic flavoured tatts.¬† I wore one the other day with my Succubus outfit and it was awesome!¬† I just was looking in their store and my letter came up on a Lucky Letter board.¬† Here’s the result ūüôā

forever love_001

  • Tattoo: Forever Love Back Tattoo by PMS
  • Body: Lara by Maitreya