Summer Chic

A nice summer suitable outfit today, an old group gift from Kastle Rock Couture that’s been languishing in my unopened folder waiting for the warmer weather!



The top and capri pants come in the standard mesh sizes, and there are three separate alphas so you can wear the outfit or the pants and top separately.



An unladen sparrow

Well, no, they’re not sparrow’s wings, and okay, I know that Blue shared this outfit some long while back, but I borrowed it from her and paired it with some new wings from Material Squirrel for a themed party.  I had to take a few shots, and I really wanted to share a few with you for a LotD.


  • Material Squirrel – Sofiel Angel Wings
  • Le Muguet – Girly Mood skirt & top
  • Incognito – Moon Princess necklace, bright white

The Sofiel wings are flexi, not mesh.  There’s a wonderful HUD for control, and they flutter nicely.  Now — I have quite a few flexi butterfly-type wings, and they’re great.  Feathered wings are a little more difficult — you expect them to have more depth, a little more heft.  So, I’ll tell you right up that that’s lacking, and when you happen to catch a wing edge-on it looks a bit silly.  That said, there isn’t a good inexpensive flexible alternative (there are plenty of rigid mesh feathered wings, but they do not move.  These are an excellent middle-of-the-road alternative: reasonably priced, good for costumes (or just when you feel particularly light-of-wing) — and they look good!


Mahalo!  A hui hou!


Bound Red

Here’s a very risqué outfit from Etchaflesh.  This was on the MM board the other day, and it’s missing the skirt alpha, but I’m sure you can find a similar skirt alpha from another costume to make it work.

The outfit includes the top, corset, skirt, and matching prim boots.  Also included is the pasty tape, or I wouldn’t be posting, not in this outfit at least 😀

ub corset_001

  • Outfit: Bondage Top, Nola Underbust Corset, Ohhh Skirt, Peeper Boots Naughty Ta-Ta Covers by [Etchaflesh]
  • Hair: Serafine Fire by Alli & Ali
  • Hands: Slink Casual

Afternoon Daydreams

Doesn’t everyone lounge around a lazy day in lingerie?  Wouldn’t it be a better world if everyone did?  Carrie’s Lingerie has just the thing, whether you’re looking for something lacy to wear under that favourite dress or something to tantalise that special someone.  Currently available for Carrie’s VIPs, the lovely Trista.


Trista is available in Omega appliers as well as standard SL layers.  I really love the makeup set – eyeshadow, liner, and some nice subtle lippy.  It’s colourful, but not overdone, and I’ve already added it to some other outfits!



Trista includes a corset as well, and all items are independently selectable.  It’s available in six different colours to suit you, so stop by and take a look today!

Mahalo, and a hui hou!



Here’s another costume I put together for a themed party.  Based on Trinity of course 🙂






Another romper today!  This is also a FREE group gift for SLF&O, so hurry!


The romper is only in fitmesh for Maitreya, Belleza, and Slink Hourglass, so if you don’t have one of these mesh bods, you’re out of luck on this one 🙂  It also comes with a HUD with two fabric textures, and also allows you set the color of the belt and buckle.




Here’s a pretty little group gift for SLF&O members.  Marinana comes in fitmesh for standard sizes, plus fitmesh for Belleza, Maitreya, and Slink.


The outfit includes the matching shoes for Slink High!



Amore sweater and dress

Sometimes, sorry, I just forget where I got something.  I was looking through my unopened folder and came across this wonderful dress and sweater combination, and for the life of me, I can’t remember how I got it.  I guess it must have been an MM.  Update: It was a group gift from Womanity!  Apologies to Miss W who IMed me to let me know 🙂

bg amore_003

The outfit is all one part mesh in standard sizes, and appears to be by Meli Imako, who makes wonderful full perm clothing.  But the textures were done by someone else…  Yes, by Miss W from Womanity!

bg amore_004

bg amore_005

  • Dress and sweater combo: 266 Womanity Beth Ghostraven Sweater WDress Amore by Womanity
  • Body: Lara by Maitreya
  • Hands and feet: Slink
  • Hair: Serafine Fire by Alli & Ali
  • Shoes: Peeptoe Flats LeatherNLace by Shame


Each Saturday at 2-4pm SLT, Eden holds a themed party.  This week, it was Angels and Devils.  I love finding costumes for events like this, and here’s the one I came up with this time.


Of course, the sky wasn’t like this at the event!


And now, you’re mine!  Mwhahahaha!