Beloved Jewelry

I’ve written about Beloved Jewelry in a previous post, but today I have a special reason for writing.  The other day was my rez day, and my wonderful Aeon, knowing I really like the designs at Beloved, accompanied me to the store so I could pick out my own presents!  Isn’t she awesome?

I picked a set and a necklace, trying to compliment my existing jewelry by selecting pieces that could be worn with less or more elaborate gowns and dresses.  My other main jewelry set from Beloved is pretty gemstone heavy (think a large central stone with 15 drop accent gems on the necklace alone!) and is suitable for very plain solid coloured gowns.  There is no way I could wear it with a mid length dress.  So, I tried to fill out my range 🙂

First up, we have this lovely 15 chain drape necklace.

drape front_001

The plain chains at the front are accented on the back by some lovely drop gems.

drape back_001

The chains can be textured with a range of platinum, silver, pewter, and gold metals, and there are a range of coloured accent gems for the back, all selected from a touch menu on the necklace.

The second set I picked is a little more formal, but can still be worn with dresses.  It’s also texture changing with an even larger selection of gems.


I’ve selected the aquamarine gems to match the dress that I’m wearing, but the diamond, sapphire, and of course emerald are all stunningly well done!

  • Necklace and earrings: Drama Jewelry Set (Texture Change) by Beloved Jewelry

Here’s a close-up of the matching earrings.


Mahalo – thank you – my love!  I can’t wait to show them off!