An unladen sparrow

Well, no, they’re not sparrow’s wings, and okay, I know that Blue shared this outfit some long while back, but I borrowed it from her and paired it with some new wings from Material Squirrel for a themed party.  I had to take a few shots, and I really wanted to share a few with you for a LotD.


  • Material Squirrel – Sofiel Angel Wings
  • Le Muguet – Girly Mood skirt & top
  • Incognito – Moon Princess necklace, bright white

The Sofiel wings are flexi, not mesh.  There’s a wonderful HUD for control, and they flutter nicely.  Now — I have quite a few flexi butterfly-type wings, and they’re great.  Feathered wings are a little more difficult — you expect them to have more depth, a little more heft.  So, I’ll tell you right up that that’s lacking, and when you happen to catch a wing edge-on it looks a bit silly.  That said, there isn’t a good inexpensive flexible alternative (there are plenty of rigid mesh feathered wings, but they do not move.  These are an excellent middle-of-the-road alternative: reasonably priced, good for costumes (or just when you feel particularly light-of-wing) — and they look good!


Mahalo!  A hui hou!