Desert shoot

I’ve been meaning to do a fashion shoot in the desert for ages.  It’s sort of one of those iconic ideas with blowing gauzy gowns, swirling sand, and ripply shadows across the ground.  Well, a lot of that is difficult to capture in SL, but I’ve done my best, and I hope you like it 🙂


I’m wearing an old system semi gown by Kamiri for this.  I have to shout out to the sim too, as really it’s strictly a Gorean roleplay sim (with damage and the lot eeps).  One of the people was gracious enough not to boot me immediately for being OOC once I explained that I’d only be there for a couple of minutes to take pics.  So thank you to The New Oasis of Sand Sleen!  If Gorean RP is your thing, go and pay them a visit.  It’s a nicely done sim.