When I heard the learned astronomer….

You know what?  Walt Whitman did a lot of good, but that poem gets it all completely wrong.  Old Walt may have understood a lot… but he clearly didn’t understand the thrill of understanding.

I picked up this lovely outfit as part of the hunt, and love it enough that I had to share it with you!


Let me make a statement here: NO, astrology is not based on science.  But the planetary symbols used here are used by astronomers as well.  I have not seen the constellation symbols used, however.  In any case, I can love the dress — and the detail — without buying into astrological mumbo-jumbo!


The necklace and headband feature planetary symbols — Mercury on the headband, Pluto, Jupiter, Uranus, Saturn, and Mercury on the necklace.Alchemist_c006

A momentary rant?  There is a lovely belt that is included with this outfit, but it suffers one of the problems that I’ve seen multiple times in SL.  The belt is too large for the outfit, and can’t be resized small enough!  now, that’s one thing when you have fitmesh or SL layers or appliers — but when you are using the standard mesh sizes, the creator should be very aware of how small the item needs to be!  Unfortunately, the belt that goes with this was no-mod, so I couldn’t unlink it and properly size it.  🙁   Fortunately, the dress looks good even without the belt.  Please, creators!  Pay attention to your sizes when you’re creating accessories!  Not everyone in SL is an amazon!

Okay, rant-mode off.  🙂   Mahalo, everyone!  A hui hou!



Bella Hadid wore red, but I’m wearing green!  This cute Asian themed dress is in fitmesh in the standard sizes.  It also comes with a necklace and earrings that I’ve chosen not to wear.  And it’s a FREE gift for SLF&O members right now at Jumo!  Hurry and get yours!


Bella’s dress was only split up to her thighs.  What a fraidy-cat 🙂



Beloved Jewelry

I’ve written about Beloved Jewelry in a previous post, but today I have a special reason for writing.  The other day was my rez day, and my wonderful Aeon, knowing I really like the designs at Beloved, accompanied me to the store so I could pick out my own presents!  Isn’t she awesome?

I picked a set and a necklace, trying to compliment my existing jewelry by selecting pieces that could be worn with less or more elaborate gowns and dresses.  My other main jewelry set from Beloved is pretty gemstone heavy (think a large central stone with 15 drop accent gems on the necklace alone!) and is suitable for very plain solid coloured gowns.  There is no way I could wear it with a mid length dress.  So, I tried to fill out my range 🙂

First up, we have this lovely 15 chain drape necklace.

drape front_001

The plain chains at the front are accented on the back by some lovely drop gems.

drape back_001

The chains can be textured with a range of platinum, silver, pewter, and gold metals, and there are a range of coloured accent gems for the back, all selected from a touch menu on the necklace.

The second set I picked is a little more formal, but can still be worn with dresses.  It’s also texture changing with an even larger selection of gems.


I’ve selected the aquamarine gems to match the dress that I’m wearing, but the diamond, sapphire, and of course emerald are all stunningly well done!

  • Necklace and earrings: Drama Jewelry Set (Texture Change) by Beloved Jewelry

Here’s a close-up of the matching earrings.


Mahalo – thank you – my love!  I can’t wait to show them off!


Tropical Blossoms

Kerryth at Spyralle has surprised us all with a lovely gift available for everyone.  She’s been updating older outfits with Omega appliers to replace the SL clothing layers, and has offered the Heliconia Kilau’ea as an open gift to all — no group membership needed for this one!


Heliconia comes with three lovely skirt designs, two versions of a three-tiered design (one of which is pictured above) and a simple single flat-hemmed skirt (shown in the images below).  The skirts are flexi, and swish very nicely as you walk or dance.


Kerryth’s fractal-inspired artwork and lovely colour palettes just make her work a true joy to wear, and perfect for the lu’au.


Stop on by Spyralle and pick up Heliconia, and take a look at Kerryth’s many other amazing works.  You won’t be sorry you did!

Mahalo, and a hui hou!



Now for something completely different!  No, not Monty Python, but this!


Sometimes it helps to remind yourself that SL is not just about pretty clothes and fashion 🙂


This avatar – the HunderPanzer Artic – was originally made by Tonnakub Brianna and was given away as a freebie, but unfortunately I can’t find where it’s available for free.  If you really want a copy, you can buy one for as little as L$2 from some unscrupulous people on the marketplace.



More lingerie, and while this is not fitmesh, oh my, Etchaflesh do make some lovely corsetry!

The mesh corset comes in standard mesh sizes and I’m wearing it with a wonderful applier bra and panty set from Apple May.




A Fleeting Enchantment

I have to share with you a lovely set of dresses from Solas and Blue Moon Enterprises.  Elina is currently available at Enchantment until the end of May, but will be in the Blue Moon mainstore after that.  Elina is all mesh, in standard sizes plus Maitreya and Slink fitmesh.  YAY!


Elina comes in four different coloured skirts: sky (blue), rose (lavender), reed (green),  and blush (white).  Each one features gold embroidery trim and a corset/belt with a four-texture colour-change hud (matching blue, lavender, green and gold).


Just a little close-up on the wonderful Odyssey necklace from Spyralle!


I wanted to put up lots and lots of pictures showing the different colour combinations, but that would have gotten out of hand very quickly.  You can head over to my flickr page, though, and see quite a few options, including pics of all four corset colours with the blush skirt.

Please go take a look at Enchantment today, and stop by and say ‘hi’ to Solas at Blue Moon!

Mahalo!  A hui hou!



Have I mentioned that I love fitmesh for Maitreya lately?  Well, I do 🙂  This limited strappy lingerie set is fitmesh for Maitreya and Slink only!

It’s so comfy and relaxing, I think I’ll close my eyes for a moment 🙂




  • Lingerie: Nina Bra and Panties – Spring Limited Edition by Aisling
  • Hands: Slink Casual
  • Body: Lara by Maitreya
  • Hair: Despina – Browns by Tameless


One thing that’s missing in Second Life are real mirrors.  Well, you can always have fun with GIMP 🙂

The dress is a  FREE group gift for SLF&O, and comes in the standard mesh sizes.  Hurry and get yours!