Twilight hours

Ooooh, it’s that time again –Spyralle‘s group is no longer free to join, and you know what that means – another lovely gift for us!  Kerryth brings us Inkke in the lovely — and exclusive — “Sunrise” colours.  And the dawn is not far off….


  • Spyralle –  Inkke dress (Sunrise)
  • Luminesse – Sea Turtle Orange Agate necklace and earrings

Inkke is all-mesh and offered in seven sizes, and is available for sale in seven different fractal-icious colour schemes.  But don’t delay – the “sunrise” scheme is for the gift only, and will not be sold.

One of the things I love about this gown is the lovely cape-like detail in the back.  While it’s part of the gown’s mesh, it’s layered just above, and provides a lovely contrast both in structure and in colour.


And permit me a close-up to show off this lovely honu pendant and earrings from Luminesse.  This was on special at the cart sale at the Wash, but the full-priced copies – in a variety of other agate colours – are an amazing deal.  I went back to pick up a few more!


After a few years in SL, I know how guardedly-horded those group slots can be.  Trust me, Spyralle is definitely worth it!

Mahalo, and Aloha!



Here’s a cheeky little bikini from Etchaflesh.  It’s in fitmesh in the standard sizes and also comes in fitmesh for Slink Physique (so I should have pointed it out to Aeon, silly me).

etchaflesh bikini_002

The fit is unfortunately not optimal on the bottoms and leaves more than I’d like to leave on display while wearing swimwear, but other than that, it’s a lovely little kini.  It comes with a texture HUD with four colours, and the fringes, ties, top, and bottom can all be individually textured.  You can also turn off the fringes for a more plain style.

etchaflesh bikini_001

etchaflesh bikini_003


Wedding season

Carrie’s Lingerie has opened a new bridal store, and the offerings for the season are just exquisite.


Megan comes with SL layers and Omega appliers, as well as a lovely little prim skirt that flutters wonderfully.  Well, perhaps it’s more of a ruffle.

I needed some help getting all laced up in back…..


There are included options for an underbust corset and a bra.  With my chest, those are hardly impressive, but I do love the corset!  All components are independently selectable, so you can mix and match with other outfits as well.


Megan has an accompanying makeup set, with a lovely silvery eyeshadow and silver-shimmer lippy, just right for a bit of restrained flair.  And we’ll cap it off with a lovely little rose wreath at the Color Me Project, a group gift for Second Life Frees & Offers!



Ohhhh, and I have to.  Partially because it’s a good song – and partially because I heard a recent interview with Billy Idol the other day, and he is a riot.  Not a Quiot Riot, that’s different.

Mahalo, and aloha!



What I go through to keep my girlish figure 😀

etchaflesh sweats_002

The sweatpants from Etchaflesh have a texture and colour HUD that allows you to change the pants, all the highlights, and the drawstring with a multitude of colour options!

etchaflesh sweats_001

The best thing about workouts is showering off all that sweat at the end!


  • Sweatpants: Etchaflesh Sweats
  • Top: Tank Top N-06 by :SZD: (marketplace store, top does not appear to be available)
  • Sneakers: LOUIE JAGZ by FleshAxe
  • Hands: Slink
  • Hair: Serafine Fire by Alli & Ali


A new designer for me, Busty Boutique claims to cater for all the busty ladies out there.  I’m only average in that department, so I was expecting this outfit to be a check and file trash, but I was pleasantly surprised with it.  I’m assuming this is because it’s fitmesh (did I mention I love fitmesh?)


The dress comes in standard mesh sizes (all fitmesh) and also in fitmesh for Belleza, Slink, and Maitreya.  Also included are a pair of heels for Slink High.  The texturing is very nice, although I’m having to go blonde again 🙂



A new day

It’s hard to take a leap, sometimes – to do something new when you’re so comfortable with the old.

I have felt that way for a long time regarding certain aspects of SL.  I’ve been encouraged by my good friend Whit to investigate the world of mesh faces (somehow that’s so much easier to say than ‘mesh head’, which just keeps striking me as silly, for some reason.

As I told her, while the money is quite a commitment (to me), I really had a hard time changing my look.  My face is… me.  I’m kinda silly that way.

But take a look at the Kirsten head from Gaeline Creations[GA.EG].


I’ve blogged this dress before, but it’s not really about the dress (clearly).


I won’t go long into the details of the face/head, but after trying many out (Catwa, Logo, Slink, LeLutka) this one gave me the shape that I’m happiest with, with ease-of-use and flexibility that lets me think of the future.  It comes with its own built-in skins and several makeup options but is also Omega skin and makeup compatible (with the Omega transfer HUD).

One of the aspects I really like is the capability of adding on additional [GA.EG] makeup packs right into the face HUD, no additional HUDs necessary!

Oh, yes – and Kirsten works with mesh or SL eyes – it does not require mesh eyes.  I’m rather happy about that!

Suffice it to say that I finally found a me.. that looks like me.  Hopefully you’ll find it an improvement as well, but not so different from the me you know.  I rather wish Whit had been able to stick around long enough to see that she “won”… but she’ll know, somewhere.  🙂

Mahalo, and aloha!



Summer flowers

As summer is fast approaching, I thought I’d rummage in my closet for a nice summer style dress.  I’ve owned this dress for ages, and I remember dithering over buying it to attend my first Summer Queen event at Eden when I was only about a month old.  Back then, L$375 was a lot of money to a newbie (actually, it’s still more than I want to spend on a single outfit hehe) and I wavered back and forth before getting it.

It’s a lovely little dress with matching shoes in standard sizings (the shoes are non-rigged mesh and are resizable and work well on system or Slink flat feet).  It certainly makes me look forward to the warmer weather!

summer dress_004

  • Dress: Diane Floral Dress Aqua White by Prism
  • Hair: Serafine Fire by Alli & Ali
  • Hands: Slink Casual
  • Bangles: Orange Agate/ Silver Bangles by Duh!
  • Earrings: LUX Celeste by RealEvil
  • Necklace: Angel Heart Necklace TWO(F) by Gabriel

Midnight Madness (limited!)

Recently there have been a few events based on the Midnight Madness concept.  The most recent featured a number of designers and delivered a limited number of prizes to people, one prize at midnight, and the following the next day at noon.  I was lucky enough to grab this wonderful outfit from Salt & Pepper during the event.


The corsage comes with a HUD allowing you to change the colour of the leaves, flowers, and pearl trim.  And it’s Lara fitmesh 🙂  With the addition of a suitable hair, I’m in Chicago in the 1920s!



New Slink things

If you missed it the other day, Siddean Munro at Slink announced two new foot styles, Kitten and Pointe.  Kitten is midway between Flat and Mid, and Pointe is for pointe ballet shoes.

With this, she has redone and re-released all three other styles, including a redesigned HUD.  A feature of the new HUD (if you buy the two new styles in a promotion I will mention in a sec) is that you can wear one set of feet and change between the styles, similar to how Maitreya feet work.  But this only applies if you opt to buy the two new feet in a pack that includes all five feet.  This currently costs the price of two feet (L$1350) and you get all five!  This offer finishes on April 16th, so be quick if you want to grab it.

For me, I already own the High and Flat versions, and for mids, I use Maitreya.  So for a pair of feet that I would probably only rarely use, I don’t think I will be taking advantage of the offer.  However, for those people that don’t have Slink feet, this is an absolute bargain!

With the new HUD, all the hands styles have also been updated, and the physique body has been updated too.

Here’s a a screenshot of the new HUD that comes with the single foot and hand update.

new slink hud_001 new slink hud_002

Note this is two tabs on the same HUD, so screen space is about halved.  You can read all about the updates and offer and see more info on the new HUD at the Slink blog.


It’s a kind of magic

Solas from Blue Moon Enterprises offers a beautiful set of robes (for men and for women) with a wizard’s hat for the Medieval Fantasy Hunt XV!


The hunt start is here, and there there is a Medieval Fantasy hunt group for discussion.


The Wizard robe is slink fitmesh.  I had to alpha out arms, but that’s easy, and the result is gorgeous.  Did I mention I love purple?


Okay, so what about the hat?  Hats are such a royal PITA in SL, but they’re not impossible – and some hats are worth the work.  If you’re comfortable – or willing – to try editing hair, you can make them work.  If you haven’t tried it, here are a few basic ideas for making hats work.


  1. Find hair that is small/tight to the head.  Depending on the look you’re going for – the type of hat – this might be sufficient.  I couldn’t get too small of a hair with this, I wanted something long.  Calico‘s ‘Katie 1’  (left) was exactly the style I needed/wanted to flow out from beneath the hat, but you can see in the centre image that the curls up top would not work with the hat. So,  time to edit!
  2. MAKE A COPY OF THE HAIR.  I tell you three times, and what I tell you three times is true: MAKE A COPY OF THE HAIR.  DON’T SKIP THIS STEP.
  4. If you’re using this hair for other things, then make sure you now use the copy, not the original.  If you can rename it, do so, otherwise throw this copy into the folder with the hat that you’re going to use it for.
  5. Wear both the hat and the hair, and go into a pose stand.
  6. I wanted to have both my bangs AND the tresses in back.  I resized the hair down as much as I could first — I didn’t need to worry too much about not having enough hair out the back (there was plenty), but I wanted to make sure I had my bangs in front.  So I resized down 10 percent or so, and adjusted the hair forward to make sure that the front looked good.  Now, WITHOUT the hat on, my scalp was showing on top of and in spots on the back of my head – but the hat will cover that well, and leave the hair flowing out from underneath the brim behind.
  7. Here’s where things get complicated.  right-click on the hair, and select ‘edit’ from the circle menu.  There is a little box next to the words ‘edit linked’.  Check this box.  DO NOT UNLINK THE HAIR!  You will need to start all over if you do, and you’ll make a gynormous mess.
  8. Select individual curls on top of the head.  If you can delete them outright, do so – I could not with the calico hair, but I could move them in and down.  That means there are a bunch of curls inside my head, but no one can see them.    This is a lengthy trial-and-error process, depending on the complexity of the hair.  For Katie 1, there are a bunch of static curls to move, plus some flexi pieces.  The flexi pieces aren’t sticking up too much, but be careful with these – these are the top ends of those tresses that we want to keep.  I just slide them down and slightly in until they disappear.  In effect, I’m just trying to drop them down the length of the tress, if that makes any sense.
  9. Back up your cam and look around your head a lot.  Check both sides – when you move a curl from one side in, it may shove out the other side!

And that’s really about it.  When you move around, flexi tresses may flutter beyond the brim – but I’m not too worried about that.  I can forgive a few sins during motion.  I think that it really can be worth the work to get a nice hat to work.

I hope that’s useful.  Good luck!  Oh!  Did I mention?  MAKE A COPY OF YOUR HAIR FIRST!  😀

This is a fantastic hunt, and not to be missed. Head over to the hunt start, and visit Blue Moon!  It is a kind of magic!


Mahalo, and aloha!