Wedding season

Carrie’s Lingerie has opened a new bridal store, and the offerings for the season are just exquisite.


Megan comes with SL layers and Omega appliers, as well as a lovely little prim skirt that flutters wonderfully.  Well, perhaps it’s more of a ruffle.

I needed some help getting all laced up in back…..


There are included options for an underbust corset and a bra.  With my chest, those are hardly impressive, but I do love the corset!  All components are independently selectable, so you can mix and match with other outfits as well.


Megan has an accompanying makeup set, with a lovely silvery eyeshadow and silver-shimmer lippy, just right for a bit of restrained flair.  And we’ll cap it off with a lovely little rose wreath at the Color Me Project, a group gift for Second Life Frees & Offers!



Ohhhh, and I have to.  Partially because it’s a good song – and partially because I heard a recent interview with Billy Idol the other day, and he is a riot.  Not a Quiot Riot, that’s different.

Mahalo, and aloha!