New Slink things

If you missed it the other day, Siddean Munro at Slink announced two new foot styles, Kitten and Pointe.  Kitten is midway between Flat and Mid, and Pointe is for pointe ballet shoes.

With this, she has redone and re-released all three other styles, including a redesigned HUD.  A feature of the new HUD (if you buy the two new styles in a promotion I will mention in a sec) is that you can wear one set of feet and change between the styles, similar to how Maitreya feet work.  But this only applies if you opt to buy the two new feet in a pack that includes all five feet.  This currently costs the price of two feet (L$1350) and you get all five!  This offer finishes on April 16th, so be quick if you want to grab it.

For me, I already own the High and Flat versions, and for mids, I use Maitreya.  So for a pair of feet that I would probably only rarely use, I don’t think I will be taking advantage of the offer.  However, for those people that don’t have Slink feet, this is an absolute bargain!

With the new HUD, all the hands styles have also been updated, and the physique body has been updated too.

Here’s a a screenshot of the new HUD that comes with the single foot and hand update.

new slink hud_001 new slink hud_002

Note this is two tabs on the same HUD, so screen space is about halved.  You can read all about the updates and offer and see more info on the new HUD at the Slink blog.