An apple a day….

An apple like this won’t keep this teacher away.  Kerryth from Spyralle has put the Floriade boho dress on special at the Secret Wednesday April Yard Sale!

Now – I know what you’re thinking – “Aeon, we KNOW you are not partial to long mesh dresses, they don’t dance well!  You’ve told us time and time again!”

Well, that’s true.  And Kerryth is a smart cookie, and has added a flexi overskirt that swishes and dances like a dream.

Floriade comes in seven mesh sizes and 8 wonderful colours.  You had to know I’d pick green (apple) first.


Now, be warned – Kerryth says that Floriade  will be retired soon – so this is your chance to catch this deal before it disappears.   I think that I need to run back to Secret Wednesday for another stunning colour!

Mahalo, and aloha!