Do you like rompers?  I do!  They’re like a short short dress you can actually bend over in 🙂

crossbone romper_003

This one is from Kreepshow Kouture and comes in fitmesh standard sizings, plus fitmesh for Maitreya, Slink, and Belleza!  I love the lace details.

Of course, rompers do have their downsides.  Having to get naked to pee is not a good deal, so I recommend you don’t wear one to a concert or busy nightclub lol!

crossbone romper_001

  • Outfit: Crossbone Romper B/W by Kreepshow Kouture
  • Hands and feet: Slink
  • Body: Lara by Maitreya
  • Hair: Serafine Fire by Alli & Ali
  • Sandals: Gypsy Sandals (SLINK) Nighttime by Barely Legal (no longer available)

Scarlet and Gold

There are still a few days left for this lovely group gift from The White Armory!  Snowbourn Fields Holly is all mesh with armbands, necklace and earrings.  There’s also a crown as well (not shown).  Flexi add-ons give a wispy overskirt to the gown!


  • The White ArmorySnowbourn Fields (Holly) gown, necklace, earrings, armbands (group gift, 2016/04/24)
  • Chez GiGi – Monaco Gold Evening Sandals

Snobourn comes in the five standard sizes plus an SL fitmesh layer.  The fitmesh layers are always kind of iffy with the Slink Physique body, but this one works quite well, better than my normal XS size.  Just a little judicious use of the Physique alpha zones was necessary.


Just a little close-up on the necklace.  The burnished gold texture is really quite lovely!


Now, The White Armory‘s gifts run on a Sunday-to-Satuday weekly cycle.  That should tell you two important things:

  1. You’ve just got a couple days left to grab your copy of Snowbourn
  2. It’s TOTALLY worth it to become a group member, particularly since it’s FREE!

Mahalo!  A hui hou!




One more for the Fantasy Faire

The Fantasy Faire has only a few more days left, but that’s still plenty of time to take advantage of some of the wonderful deals.  Blue Moon Enterprises has a lovely gown blouse and skirt combination available in four different batik textures for the ladies: the lovely Saoirse.  The all-mesh keyhole top and skirt are independently selectable, and come in the five standard sizes.   There’s also a separate tiara and belt (sold as a combination).  They’re only available at the Faire here!


  • Blue Moon Enterprises – Saoirse  blouse and skirt (exclusive for Fantasy Faire 2016 benefiting Relay for Life)
  • Blue Moon Enterprises – Saoirse  crown and belt (exclusive for Fantasy Faire 2016 benefiting Relay for Life)
  • LuminesseSea Turtle earrings (Purple, blue, green agate in different images)
  • Baby Monkey – Debbi Boot (with colour-change HUD)

The two purple shots here are the Saoirse “orchid”.


The “Amber” texture is a lovely earthy green.

The lovely “Aqua” (again with tiara and belt) is a beautiful light blue with green and lavender tones.

“Peridot” is a second green option, a bit brighter than the “Amber”.  Again, without the tiara and belt, it becomes a lovely more casual outfit, accentuated by the unbraided Katie from Calico.


Please remember, all proceeds from the Fantasy Faire benefit the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life.  It’s quite a noble cause, and every bit helps.

Mahalo!  A hui hou!



Another item from Hunt For Your Inner Slut #14, a nice set of lingerie by Moonlitecat Creations.  The outfit is system with appliers for Omega, so I can wear it with Lara yay!


There are multiple options including garters with and without bows, stockings, and bra, all individually selectable.




Another item from Hunt For Your Inner Slut #14, this one is much more my style!  This corset comes in rigged mesh in the standard sizes, and works just fine with Lara with some careful alpha settings.

silk corset_003

silk corset_002

The texture detail is very nice, and the corset comes with a texture change HUD with eight colour choices.

silk corset_004



Hunt for Your Inner Slut #14 is on, and I’ve cherry-picked some of my fav designers, which I’ll show you over the next couple of days.  First up is something that is quite unusual for me: a slave outfit.  It’s so unusual that this is the only time I’m wearing it, to photograph it for you 🙂

Neither Aeon or I are particularly attracted to B&D, we both like equal footing and mutual respect in our relationship.  But of course the BDSM culture is huge in SL, so designers cater for it.  And I do like RLVa, but for other things that it was originally intended, such as clothing changes and automatic group changes based on location.

You won’t see me wearing this in public 🙂


The outfit is system and comes with appliers for Maitreya, Slink, TMP, and Omega.  The plate with heh, instruments is included, and so is the collar, which is equipped with the OpenCollar script set (if you like to be leashed, which is definitely not me!)


Fallen angel…

…or ascending demon?

The Fantasy Faire has come again to Second Life, and it does not disappoint.  This event to support Relay for Life has tied together fourteen fantasy worlds, and is absolutely incredible.  And Carrie’s Lingerie has gotten in on the fun with Horny Devil, a lovely little bit of lavender.  This spectacular outfit features a babydoll, stockings and gloves (SL layers and Omega appliers), with mesh wings and horns.  Matching pumps and makeup set are available separately, and it all supports Relay for Life!  You can visit Carrie’s Fantasy Faire location here.


  • Carrie’s LingerieHorny Devil bodysuit/babydoll, gloves, stockings, horns, wings (exclusive for Fantasy Faire 2016 benefiting Relay for Life)
  • Carrie’s LingerieHorny Devil makeup (exclusive for Fantasy Faire 2016 benefiting Relay for Life)
  • Carrie’s LingerieHorny Devil pumps (exclusive for Fantasy Faire 2016 benefiting Relay for Life)

The makeup set includes eyeshadow and liner, lippy, and a lovely forehead tattoo layer that can be selected separately.  It’s not awfully visible with my hair, but… well, I’m not cutting it.  Not again.

The wings are static/non-scripted, but are totally wicked.  And without the flexiprims, the babydoll becomes a bodysuit.

I had too much fun shooting this one, so there are several more pics over on my flickr stream.  If you liked these, please check them out!  And whether you fall in or rise up, you should definitely check out the Fantasy Faire.  There’s just too many excellent opportunities to explore – from shopping to role-playing, and some beautiful sims.  But the event closes on May 1, so don’t dawdle.  This opportunity won’t last for eternity.

Mahalo!  A hui hou!


Neptune’s Daughter

She arose from the waves, clad in foam and sea-spray, a naiad, a daughter of the waters….

I don’t know if you’ve gone on the Medieval Fantasy Hunt XV yet, but you surely should.  This wonderful gift is from Feyline Fashions!


The outfit comes with standard layers and Omega appliers for top and bottoms, plus flexi skirt and assorted mesh add-ons – the staff, a knife (sheathed at the thigh), necklace, shoulder pieces, horns, bracers… there’s a tonne of goodies here!



Mahalo, and Aloha!