A little retro for spring

Blue Moon Enterprises has a lovely gift for you all this month, with a bit of 1950’s retro styling.  Lana is a beautiful little springy dress in fitmesh.  It’s a beautiful little number!


Speaking of beautiful numbers, wow, there’s no one that can shake it like the King… but don’t we all try?


Mahalo, my friends, and aloha!


Éire go Brách!

I’ve long had an uneasy relationship with St. Patrick’s day.  If you want to know why, you can take a look here.  But it’s always a great day to celebrate Éirinn, so I just had to share Celtic Beauty with you, a lovely gown with a flexiprim skirt, mesh earrings and crown, and an optional cape.   Dressed by Lexi keeps adding Slink and Omega appliers to outfits, and the result is something to raise a glass of Guinness over!


  • Dressed by Lexi – Celtic Beauty (with included jewelry, applier sold separately)
  • Chez GiGi Monaco Gold Evening Sandals


The Celtic knot detailing is just amazing, on the top, cape, and hem, and the golden ivy crown is the perfect complement.


And you can always shrug off the cape to reveal a light and gauzy skirt that flows wonderfully for dancing!

Please do stop by Lexi’s and take a look at her lovely offerings.  And however – and whatever –  you celebrate, please do so responsibly!  Éire go Brách!  

Mahalo – Go raibh maith agat!


Spill the wine

Let’s start by setting the stage:

I’m very proud (and a little bit blushing) to bring you a drink of wine from my latest sponsor!  Carrie’s Lingerie brings us Megan in wine, to be precise.



Megan comes in Omega appliers for your favourite mesh body as well as standard SL system layers, with an optional little prim skirt.


Is there any clothing item sexier than backseam stockings?  Well, it’s a very short list, if there is such a thing.


Megan comes with so many options!  There is a bra, corset, and underbust corset for the top (I’m not showing you the underbust corset!!!)  You also may select stockings, garter, and panties independently for the bottoms. 

And yes, perhaps I might just have to keep sharing some music, thanks to the wonderful Whitburn Blackburn.

Mahalo, and aloha!


Lovestruck Juliet

“A lovestruck Juliet, sings the streetside serenade
Laying everybody low with a love song that she made
Finds a streetlight, steps out of the shade
Says something like, You and me, babe, how about it?”

Well, that’s not how Mark Knopfler wrote it – or sang it – maybe… but why should Romeo get all the gold stars for his efforts?  Well, maybe we won’t get into looking at the sexes in Shakespeare too closely.  I suspect that not-a-few doctoral theses have been written on that topic!

But we should take a look at this latest group gift from Blue Moon Enterprises.  Lady Juliet is a lovely mesh gown in fitmesh for the standard SL avatar, Maitreya, and Slink!



I need to point out the lovely filigree choker from Strength & Charm that Blue gave me for my rez-day.  This is such a delicate little bronze-gold beauty, with three glittering emeralds.  It is perfect for this gown!  Mahalo, dear heart!   And a note of sincerest thanks to Aries Oh at S&C — her customer service is the best.


One more pic?  Just because I like the shadows.  🙂


Stop by Blue Moon today.  Pick up this amazing gift, and take a look around at some of the other fantastic designs that Solas keeps bringing us.  Grab a demo or two, and you’ll be hooked!

In the meantime, mahalo, my friends, and aloha!


Night out #3

Finally for my third night out, we are going with an absolutely lovely dress in system layers and prim skirt.  While I love all three outfits, if I had to pick, I’d go this one as prim skirts dance soooo well 🙂

red butterflies


Night out #2

Day (or should I say, night) number two, and this time I’m wearing an amazing club dress by Devicious.  This is in rigged mesh only, and while this photo was taken with it on Lara, I have to wear it with the standard system body and its associated alpha as the Maitreya alpha HUD, while brilliant, is not going to cope with this…




Night out #1

Let’s do a little thing here with dresses I’d wear out dancing.  Three looks over three days.  And we will start with new technology and go back to the old days!

First up, a wonderful little dress in fitmesh for Lara.  It also comes in rigged mesh and has fitmesh for Slink and Belleza too, and is the prize from Sweet Intoxication on the Twisted Hunt.  Fitmesh is the best thing since sliced bread and is making me carefully consider purchases.  My two go-to must-haves for outfits that I spend significant money on is fitmesh for Lara, and Omega appliers.  Nothing but fit.  Hmms “nothing but fit” sounds like a good tagline for clothing.  You heard it here first 🙂