Total Kristie

According to the Urban Dictionary,  apparently “Kristie” means “totally gorgeous”.  That’s appropriate enough: one of Carrie’s Lingerie‘s new releases for you this month is the lovely Kristie, in Omega appliers as well as standard SL layers.



Kristie is available in twelve beautiful colour choices – divided into six dark and six bright tones.  Carrie’s has also released a separate optional matching make-up for the full effect.


Mahalo and Aloha!


Spring fun!

This is an old group gift from Paisley Daisy, that I just love wearing in the Spring!  It’s rigged mesh in the standard sizes and sadly I can’t just get the alphas right so I can wear it with Lara!  Ohh another one that I wish was in Lara fitmesh!




Here’s a daring outfit for a club night.  Opposite from Vaxer comes in both black and white, and includes boots for Maitreya.  Slink, and TMP.  The clothing is on system layers plus has appliers for Maitreya, Belleza, Slink, EVE, eBody, and TMP.




Bunny hops

As Aeon said, what is it with with Easter and rabbits?  But, after thinking for a little while about what I should wear today to celebrate and have a little fun, I’ve used Easter as an excuse to get my first really really good furry, and of course it’s a rabbit!


To be precise, the Dark Spot Designs Rabbit 🙂  I saw a photo of this rabbit on, and well that was basically game over for me; I had to have it!  I’m a big Watership Down fan, having read the book at a young age, and continued to re-read it through my life.  And this avatar seriously reminds me of some of my favourite characters from the book, and of course the wonderful animated movie.

Happy Easter, however you choose to celebrate.  I know I’ll have continuing fun with this little one 🙂



Soft like a bunny

So, for your holiday trivia, no one seems to know exactly why rabbits are associated with the Christian Easter tradition.  Neo-pagans point to an old Germanic goddess Ēostre, who supposedly was associated with rabbits… and eggs… and whose name and traditions were hijacked.  Others are quite quick to claim that the only evidence for Ēostre comes from one mention by the Venerable Bede, and there’s no sign of rabbits or eggs in that story, and it’s just the neo-pagans trying to debase Christianity.  Mind you, they don’t seem to have an answer for the origin of rabbits or the name Easter, either, apparently.

Regardless of your spring tradition, Carrie’s has re-released Bunnie, a lovely little piece just perfect for your celebrations, whatever they might be!



Bunnie includes standard layers and Omega appliers (shown), plus a lovely little prim skirt and mesh ears, tail, and bow tie.


Bunnie also includes makeup (in tattoo layers and Omega appliers), including a cute little bunny nose and whiskers!


Bunnie 2.0 is in the New Release pit in the centre of the store now!

Mahalo and Aloha!


Ghee March gift

I know I am a little late with this, but here’s the Ghee group gift for March.  Pink is not a redhead’s colour as you undoubtedly know, so I’ll wear this with one of my favourite blonde hairdos 🙂

ghee romper_002

The romper is one piece in fitmesh in standard sizing, plus fitmesh for Lara, Slink, and Belleza.  It also comes with the matching sandals for Belleza and Slink high feet.  Very generous!

ghee romper_003

  • Outfit: Laverne Romper and sandals by Ghee
  • Body: Lara by Maitreya
  • Hands and feet: Slink
  • Hair: Aurora 2 Blonde fade 4 by Amacci
  • Earrings: by MINIMAL (marketplace link)
  • Eyes: Deep Sky Spring Moss by Mayfly
  • Skin: Adore Peach Bare by Lumae

Suited for the Valley Isle

Beautiful Maui, the Valley Isle.  Also, beautiful Maui, newly updated from Dressed by Lexi!  I’ve had the Maui in ‘Ocean’, a beautiful blue and green batik design since it first came out, but it was released  shortly before Lexi started releasing clothing in Omega appliers.


Maui_c035Maui comes in standard appliers with two different length flexi-prim skirts — a short one making a nice breezy dress perfect for the casual affair (dancing!), and an ankle-length one for an elegant evening gown.  The Omega appliers are sold separately, so those of us who have already purchased Maui can upgrade for a pittance.


And if you haven’t purchased Maui yet?  Lexi has place the entire line (all six colour/textures) on sale for the next week as part of Fifty5 Thursday!  I had to pick up the purple Ginger.



Dressed by Lexi also has a lovely companion jewelry set featuring necklace, earrings, and armlets.  Four different metals and eight jewels are HUD-selectable.  The haku lei — the plumeria head wreath – is from Island Style Designs.


Thanks for plowing through this – I really wanted to show off this amazing dress/gown.  And a huge thank-you — mahalo nui loa — to Lexi for releasing this.  I’ve been looking forward to Maui appliers for a year now!  Stop on by Dressed by Lexi to see all six colours, and all the other amazing styles she has to offer!

Mahalo, all!


Teddy Bare

Okay, so.. I’m a bit of a sucker for a nice teddy.  Is it the high cut at the hip?  The lace?  Whatever it is, Carrie’s Lingerie‘s Ashley is plenty enticing. 

Ashley is available in Omega appliers as well as standard SL layers.  Stockings, gloves, and teddy are all independently selectable.  I particularly love the backseamed stockings — I’ll be adding these to some black and gold dresses as well.

Like ShellyAshley was available only at the Fashion for Life event, so I’m just being a tease.


You know the lingerie is good when you feel more naked wearing it than not!

Mahalo and aloha, my friends!


Melting into Spring

From your silver-white winter, Solas from Blue Moon brings us a lovely dress for Spring!  Rebecka is an exclusive for the Fantasy Cream event, and is available only there until April 18!


Rebecka comes in three different fitmeshes for Slink, Belleza/Maitreya, and for the Classic SL body.  There’s a demo available, so please try that first!


Solas has created three lovely colours for Rebecka – the green-and-yellow Leaf shown above, the blue and green Sky shown below, as well as a lovely pink-and-coral Petal.  I’ll admit, I wasn’t set to turn blond today, so you’ll just have to stop by Fantasy Cream if you would like to see the pink!  But I feel so totally Dorothy in this lovely frock!

Please be sure to visit the Fantasy Cream hunt.  There’s a lovely head wreath for Blue Moon’s hunt gift,  and you can vote for your favourites and win some cool prizes!  It’s definitely an event not to miss!

Aloha and mahalo, my friends!



Dreams of Shelly

Another sweet little bit of lace from Carrie’s Lingerie: the lovely Shelly.  Shelly comes in both Omega appliers and standard SL layers, with independently selectable gloves, teddy, stockings and suspenders.  ShellyTeal_019_c


It’s interesting shooting lingerie – a different style of photo than I typically have been taking.  It’s fun — and expanding — to do something different for a change!

Note – Shelly was offered by Carrie for this year’s Fashion For Life event which has now concluded, but may return to the main store at some point in the future! Lesson?  Don’t miss out on opportunities from Carrie’s!

Mahalo, and aloha!