Way back in October last year I said that the only thing stopping me from getting the Lara Mesh Body from Maitreya was my disappointment at the fit of my favourite mesh bikini on the body.¬† However, if you’ve been following along, I didn’t really let that stop me, and I got Lara in mid-December.

It’s taken me this long to find a new favourite bikini (just as well it was winter!)

Peacock Festival by Mon Cheri is in standard sizing with fitmesh for Belleza, Slink, and most importantly, Maitreya ūüôā

new bikini_001

new bikini_002 new bikini_004


Armed and dangerous

The neko subculture in SL can be interesting.¬† And an even smaller subculture of that are nekos wearing guns ūüôā¬† I got this outfit from a lucky letter board ohh at least 12 months ago while exploring a Japanese themed sim.¬† The outfit is old-school and with no appliers can’t be worn on a mesh body.¬† However, it works quite well on the default avatar!

neko armed_004

Believe it or not, the outfit comes with four (yes four!) guns, two on the top of the boots and two in armbands.  I chose to leave one arm band off and replace it with a Beretta M9, which looks a little more impressive.  Note the guns that come with the outfit are merely decorative (but believe me, the M9 is fully functional!)

Now, I think I’ll go and terrorize some yakuza ūüôā

neko armed_005


Beautiful batiks

I love a batik print, on cotton or silk – wearing it carries me back to the Islands no matter where I am, even in the deepest coldest winter. ¬†This new release from Solas at¬†Blue Moon Enterprises¬†is just the thing, then, for the dark Februaries of the Northern Hemisphere! ¬†Aisling¬†is an all-mesh skirt-and-top combination in five mesh sizes with a resizeable mesh belt. ¬†It’s breezy and just a little bit sexy!


The racerback top is light and cool in the warm tropic sun, and the celtic knot detail about the bottom hem is exquisite!  That detail is repeated around the bottom hem of the skirt as well.


Solas has given us four lovely batik patterns for¬†Aisling. ¬†The above-shown ‘Rain’ has shades of green and blue on a natural field, while ‘Wheat’ below features more earthy tones.


‘Sage’ has the loveliest greens…


… and ‘Blossom’ features magenta and lavender.


Please stop by¬†Blue Moon Enterprises¬†and pick up a demo. ¬†I’m sure that you won’t be disappointed!

Mahalo and aloha, my friends!


Dark angel

black angel_003

black angel_007


Fi Chic

Fi’s Creations brings us Tres Chic,¬†¬†lovely line¬†of separates for a little stylish flair in your Februrary. ¬†


Tres Chic, like all of Fi’s creations (see what I did there?) is all mesh, and is available in six different colour palettes- blues, khakis (shown here), neutrals, nudes, pinks, and teals. ¬†Each palette features four different shades. ¬†I’ve played a little with mixing different options up in the pics here.


The Tres Chic line includes shorts and heels, but I’ve elected to add a cute little pair of boots from¬†Baby Monkey, also featuring a texture-change HUD.


It’s quite a bit of fun to be able to mix-and-match, and as separates, one can certainly play with different colours from different palettes as well.

Aloha and mahalo, my friends!