This was my outfit for yesterday’s themed party at Eden.  Sometimes with Second Life fashion, you just have to mix things up and see what works.  This outfit is a complete mishmash of items from about ten different sources, including four jewelry makers, an old pair of system pants, boots from a lingerie set, and even a hat from the library!

This took some time to put together, in particular the sword belt, which is a large linkset.  Edit linked and move and rotate every little piece of the sword one at a time omg!  Don’t forget to take a backup of something you are editing like this!


Let’s see if I can detail some of this 🙂

  • Jacket, vest and shirt: This is mesh, but I have absolutely no idea where it’s from.  Given to me by friend Dana over 12 months ago and the creator mentions no store or marketplace links in their profile.
  • Pants and red sash: From Lady Buccaneer by The Bottom Line (marketplace link)
  • Sword and belt: Princely Pirate Belt with sword by GK Designs (marketplace link)
  • Hair: LIV – braid (back) by EMO-tions
  • Necklace: Ho Ho Ho and A Bottle of Rum by Chop Zuey
  • Earring left: Basic Hoops Gold by Soonsiki/Besom
  • Earring right: Cheyanne Earrings by Tantalum
  • Ring: “Modern” Women’s Ring by J’Adore!
  • Hands: Slink Casual
  • Boots: Psyche Thigh High Boots by House of Rfyre
  • Hat: Female Pirate Hat B2 – available in your inventory’s library folder