Armed and dangerous

The neko subculture in SL can be interesting.  And an even smaller subculture of that are nekos wearing guns 🙂  I got this outfit from a lucky letter board ohh at least 12 months ago while exploring a Japanese themed sim.  The outfit is old-school and with no appliers can’t be worn on a mesh body.  However, it works quite well on the default avatar!

neko armed_004

Believe it or not, the outfit comes with four (yes four!) guns, two on the top of the boots and two in armbands.  I chose to leave one arm band off and replace it with a Beretta M9, which looks a little more impressive.  Note the guns that come with the outfit are merely decorative (but believe me, the M9 is fully functional!)

Now, I think I’ll go and terrorize some yakuza 🙂

neko armed_005