My demon has returned!

This will take you out of your comfort zone!  Just to shock people awake here’s a themed outfit that I put together for a contest some time ago.  I scouted out the dance floor the day before the event, just after it had been decorated with tombstones and such, so I could get exact co-ordinates for the top of a tombstone when I was standing on it.

For my entrance at the party, I teleported to the top of the stone.  The stone was made out to our wonderful club manager Nandi and it was inscribed “she partied ’til she dropped”.  I appeared on top of her tombstone and started calling for her telling her it was time to go.  Mwhahahaha!

There is a ton of things going on with this outfit.  I’ll take you through step by step.

Obviously, the wings.  They are from Material Squirrel, my favourite wing maker in SL.  Nearly all Material Squirrel’s wings are L$99, and these were no exception.  Considering the HUD that comes with them that allows you to change their size, wingspan, flexiness, flapping rate, and a whole bunch of other things, these are a great buy.  I don’t think anyone else comes close to making wings this good.


The other major feature of this outfit are the cloven hooves.  These boots are non-slink but fit perfectly and do the job with alacrity!


Aeon was watching me do the shoot and said “Wouldn’t it be funny if I put on an innocent white dress and…”  I laughed and said, anything you desire, my love.  So, who is converting who in this picture I wonder?!


Finally, two closeups of the corset from Sugar.  I wear this quite a bit, but not usually as a demon!

demon_007 demon_008