The Sweetest Kiss

What better for the New Year than an elegant offering from Dressed by Lexi.  Lexi features some of the most amazing gowns that I’ve found in SL, and at fantastic prices.  Today I’ve got Lexi’s January Group Gift to show you, the golden Midnight Kiss.  The dress features a tantalising cutout from shoulder to hip, sliding into a slit up the left leg.  It’s wonderfully sultry!MidnightKiss_004


Midnight Kiss comes in the standard five mesh sizes.  You’ve likely heard me comment before about trying to dance in mesh gowns: they don’t move right, and it’s often painful to watch.  Mind you, I’m not sure what to do in such a gown, typically, other than pose for pictures!  Lexi has solved this by including two prim pieces with this gown, one for each leg. This gives the gown a lovely flowy appearance and feel, and makes it perfect for dancing.

A necklace would have been too much, I think, given the tight strap at the shoulder.  I’ve complemented this outfit with some fire-opal earrings trimmed in gold from Evelock.  I’m typically a fan of blue-green opal, but the fire opal is just right for this gown.


Lexi offers several other shades for this gown, and for the month of January they’re all on reduced pricing.  I’m going to go and take advantage of that, the Sapphire shade is brilliant, and I can’t wait to get my hands on it!

Hau’oli Makahiki Hou, my friends!  Aloha!