Entwined Holly

While I’m on hair, here’s a lovely blonde style from Entwined called “Holly”.  While the style I’ve chosen to show you is blonde, the hair has every colour imaginable, from light and dark blondes, reds, browns, blacks, naturals, fairies, and mers!

The hair was a FREE group gift from Entwined back in October.  Entwined is FREE to join!

entwined holly_003



Today I’m showing you an old group gift from Wertina.  And another fav hair from Exile 🙂

Wertina is FREE to join, and occasionally comes out with fab group gifts like this dress, which is mesh in the standard sizings.  I would absolutely love it if this was in fitmesh for Lara!

The hair from Exile was available at last year’s Hair Fair as a free event gift.  If you missed the event last year, make sure you make it there next time it’s on!  It’s a “must go” event and is for a worthy cause to boot!



  • Dress: Eleonor Dotted Green by Wertina
  • Hair: Jill by Exile
  • Skin: Adore Peach Bare light brow (freckles) by Lumae
  • Lipstick: by Ricielli (marketplace link)

Cold Stone Seduction

I thought I’d show off my favourite mesh hair today.  It’s Stone Cold Seduction by Exile, and I just love it!  I originally discovered it when someone posted a portrait of themselves on Flickr wearing it.  I ran and got a demo and was a little conflicted as I really wanted it but it was expensive, at least to me.  I took a picture of myself wearing the demo and cropped the demo box off the top of the pic hehe.  I’ve become a better SL photographer since those days though, so here are two pics of me wearing it.

stone cold seduction_001

And although this is the “Red” version, there are some very light reds, letting you get close to blondes.

stone cold seduction_003

Here’s the HUD:

stone cold seduction_004


Victorian Charm

Well, it’s been a busy few weeks, but I finally managed to get the latest gift from Blue Moon Enterprises!  Lady Charming is a lovely all-mesh skirt and jacket, with independent ruffles at the wrist, a lovely gauzy scarf, and a fine top hat to cap it all off!


Hats are always tough in SL, but Lady Charming’s top hat is not hard to fit well – although a good choice of hairstyle is important!


Despite the chill, I thought I’d doff my hat, and tie my hair up in a ribbon.  The ribbon is HUD-driven, and comes with A&A’s Evelyne hairstyle.  I really love this cut, it’s just a bit sassy, and perfect for costumes from Steampunk to Flapper (as you’ve seen here before), or just wearing around the town.


This gift has been around all January, so time is likely running out!  Stop by Blue Moon, you won’t be disappointed by the steampunk and fantasy apparel!

Aloha, all!


Completely Tenable

Okay, is it me, or is ‘tenable’ one of those words that you just never hear?  It’s like ‘whelmed’.  In any case, I’m all about Tena, a new top/pants combination from Fi’s Creations!



Tena is a two-piece all-mesh outfit in the standard five sizes.  And WOW, all the colours!


  • KoiKoi – Purple Bootie Pumps (no longer available?)

I really love when manufacturers include multiple texture choices in one, and Fi continues to exceed expectations on that front!  Tena comes in four varieties, each with six texture choices for both pants and top.


Each quadrant above is a separate outfit, with Unicolour, Gingham, Stripes, and Retro patterns shown clockwise from the top left.  The green outfit that I’m wearing above is from the unicolour palette, and the purple from the retro.

Stop on by Fi’s Creations, and take a look today!  A hui hou!



A friend of mine posted a fantastic photo on Flickr the other day, and I immediately thought it would be a great location for a fashion photo (then again, I get excited about any good looking spot in SL, thinking “Oh what could I photograph there?”)

The location at a new sim called the Isle of Peace, turned out to be far smaller that Nat’s photo had suggested to me.  So I had to do a little judicious derendering.  And what’s up with sim owners making wonderfully photogenic places and then banning script usage?  Grr I had to fly to 100m and get into a pose and then land back in the place I wanted to take the photo!

After all my trials and tribulations (that I’m sure you didn’t want to hear about anyway lol) here are the results!


This mesh gown in standard sizing is from Arlene’s Fashions & Designs.  The texturing is materials enabled and glitters as you move.  It’s very eye-catching and you’ll certainly get comments wearing this!

Also including with the gown are white sandals for Slink High, but due to space constraints you aren’t going to see them in these pics 🙂




Pure Goddess

No, not me!  But Bellydance Goddess offers the lovely Pure as a group gift right now.  And it is divine!



Pure comes with both a thong and a hip wrap appliers.  The wrap is definitely its own form of sexy!


Pure comes with Omega appliers for the top, thong and waist wrap, and mesh accoutrements (belt, headpiece, chestpiece, bangles). The mesh belt includes the silks and comes with a resize script, although it can be tricky to fit just right to your hips!  Pure also includes bracelets which are not resizable, unfortunately, and were way too big for this girl.  Fortunately, I had a lovely set of bangles that were perfectly appropriate from the lovely Aditi saree from RaMp, and those together with some anklets from Cazimi rounded out this lovely outfit!


Now, I really need to go practice my bellydance!  A hui hou kākou, my friends!


My ship keys are here somewhere…

The theme for the 13th annual Hunt for your Inner Slut is the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.  There are quite a few space related items to be found, including this bodysuit and tutu from Xxxtasi.  The photos really don’t do the tutu justice as they don’t show off the animated galactic texture that looks just wonderful!

And yes, I know I’m doing the woman in comic books things, but after all, just think of the name of the hunt 🙂

galaxy tutu_007

galaxy tutu_006