RAWR!  This fantastic outfit is from our friend Catty at Catseye.  Oh my, where to start to describe this?


The skin comes with three makeup styles, called “natural”, “sensual”, and “dramatic”, and as it comes with Omega appliers as well as on system skins, I can wear it on Lara.  The bikini is system underwear layers, but appliers are also supplied so you can wear it with the classic avatar body or your Omega compatible bod.  The scripted ears and matching tail are in the kit, as is a set of amber system cat’s eyes, which I’m not wearing in the pictures.  Catty has even included alphas for eyelashes!


The fingernails are also included, both as classic prim and attachments for Slink Casual hands.  The shape in the kit is far too big for me, and so I am not wearing it, and the size of the shape accounts for the fact that the fingernails are for size 20 hands.  I had to individually edit each nail to get them in the right positions for my Slink Flat feet and Casual Hands (size 10).

The toenails are also supplied for Slink High feet, in case you want to wear heels with this 🙂

And of course there is a Slink hand and foot applier to match the skin.

Ohh and if you don’t have Slink feet, Catty also supplies prim feet with the outfit to match the skin.  What a comprehensive kit!


Lastly, the bikini bottoms come with claw attachments, which definitely adds to the wild feel of this super outfit!

Believe it or not, I needed six appliers to put this on: Lara HUD, Slink Utilities HUD, hands and feet applier, skin applier, clothing applier, and the Omega relay for Maitreya!  This is not an outfit you can casually change into on the dance floor 🙂


  • Full avatar setup, skin, clothing, nails, accessories: Leoparda White by Catseye
  • Hair: Ivy by Entwined
  • Body: Lara by Maitreya
  • Hands and feet: Slink


Our contest theme today at Eden was “Burlesque”.  I was looking through my inventory before the event and really couldn’t decide what to wear, but thought I may go with this outfit from Carrie’s Lingerie:

burlesque green_002

burlesque green_003

But as you may be able to notice, it has no appliers for Slink, so I would have had to wear system hands and prim feet, not the most sophisticated look 🙂

So I was browsing around my news feeds and I came across a L$1 hunt item available at Glitzz for the second annual Christmas Desires Hunt, that comes with all the appliers, and said to myself “these colours are more in line with the season!”

burlesque red dove_001

burlesque red dove_004

Outfit 1

Outfit 2:



Spiked gold chocolate

This daring little dress is available at our store and comes in the five standard mesh sizes.  As it’s very short, alphas can be a little problematic with it, but it usually works out fairly well.  Here I am wearing it on Lara, and the Maitreya HUD does the trick for the alphas perfectly 🙂

Please check out the demo to ensure a nice fit for you, and of course, as with all mesh clothing, you may need to adjust your shape to fit.

I hope you love it!

lotd spiked gold chocolate_001



Organic Geometry

I’d like to share one of my favourite artisans in SL, Spyralle.    Kerryth Tarantal at Spyralle uses a lot of fractal- and geometry-inspired textures to produce some stunning designs.  Kerryth manages to beautifully blend mathematics with an organic flow – reminding us of the fractals evident in a fern stem, in a seashore, in lightning.


Esyld is a lovely mesh skirt and top that together make a beautiful gown.  This one in particular appeals to me due to its versatility – it’s equally at home at a ball and in more casual settings.  The outfit is packaged in seven sizes – the standard five plus XS+ and M+, with top and bottom independent to allow you to get the perfect fit to your shape.


I really love the lace-up corset-style back!

My necklace and earrings are from N@N@, who sadly closed their inworld store earlier this year.  They still have a Marketplace link, however, with quite a few of their offerings still available there.  The Sun and Moon bring out the greens and blues in the skirt and top, while blending nicely with the more earthy tones.


Wishing you joy in this and every season!  Aloha and mahalo!


Emerald Beauty

It must be something about the holidays – the elegance of a ball, gowns and tuxedos gracing every form, spinning about the ballroom floor?  Doesn’t everyone attend holiday dances in full gowns in Real Life?  Perhaps not… which may be what draws us to such finery here.  In any case, Fi’s Creations brings us an elegant multi-piece gown with a wealth of options to suit the individual.


The Beauty gown comes in separately sized corset and skirt (all 100% mesh in five standard sizes).  The skirt features a gauzy overskirt (‘frills’), and all three items are individually colourable by HUD.



The Beauty gown is available in two colour pallets – ‘Classic’ featuring five bold colours, and ‘Pastel’, featuring five more muted shades.  As a thank-you to her VIP members, Fi offers that group access to a sixth choice!

Fi's Creations - BEAUTY Gown - HUD

Each of the colours may be mixed and matched to give that perfect individual look for you.  As you might have noticed, I’m a big fan of greens for some reason!

The shawl is available separately, and comes in opaque, semi-transparent, and transparent textures (I’m wearing the transparent, I always tend to get warm while dancing).

All items are available at the Designer Circle where they are on a special reduced price until January 9.


I’ve chosen a rather simple yet elegant accompaniment for Fi’s Beauty – the Summer Leaf collection from Spyralle.  Why summer?  This is the Solstice, after all, a time in the darkest part of the year to celebrate new life, to celebrate the turning of seasons, to look forward to the Sun!  What better augmentation could I choose?

Lastly, a word on the locale of these shots.  This is the lovely  Christmas at Buckingham Palace exhibition, the perfect locale for such fancy dress.

I’m not sure who’s portrait that is, but she surely couldn’t have had such a wonderful time as I.

Mele Kalikimaka!  Mahalo, and aloha!



You may have noticed in my last post I have finally purchased the Lara mesh body from Maitreya!  It feels like I’ve been saving for ages (probably because I have been saving for ages!)

Although there must be a lot of pictures of this body out there by now, I will add mine, because I’m so excited and can’t resist showing off lol

lara bod_001

lara bod_004

lara bod_003


A Fae Find From Fi’s Creations!

I’m happy to announce that I’m joining Fi’s Creations as an official blogger!  Fi has a lovely collection of clothing, landscaping items and home decor.

Fi’s offers this lovely Elven Dress as their hunt gift in the ongoing Elven Forest hunt.  The Hunt runs through the end of December, and is free and gridwide.  You can find a complete list of stops with pictures here.   Fi’s mesh dress comes in the standard five sizes, with a gauzy flexi skirt and matching wings included.



I’ve accessorised with a haku lei from Island Style Designs, and my favourite opal necklace and earrings from Earthstones, which really complements the colouration of the dress.


The included wings are lovely for a photoshoot, but are unscripted and rather rigid to wear in-world.  I thought I’d try replacing them with some of my favourite wings from Fancy Fairy.


Folding my wings leaves the dress on it’s own, a lovely look for the garden or a night out on the town!FiFae_018

Please stop and take a look at Fi’s Creations, I’m sure you’ll be pleased with what you find!  Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go finish this hunt!

Mahalo, and aloha!


Paisley Daisy December

Here’s the fabulous new group gift from Paisley Daisy for December.  Just what we need for tripping around in the snow.  The jacket is in the standard mesh sizing and fits my new mesh bod (Lara by Maitreya) perfectly!

lotd paisley daisy dec 2015_001


Eden’s Winter Queen

Or in this case, Winter Queens!

As the seasons turn, our favourite club holds contests for the (dubious) honour of being the season’s queen.  I was most flattered to be chosen winter queen back in 2014, and Aeon was chosen spring queen just before me!

On the weekend, we had this year’s winter queen event, and for some reason, our DJ set the contest board to shared instead of 1, 2, 3.  Oh my, what if we have a draw?  And that’s  exactly what happened!  My friends Jen and Annie tied for first place!

So two winter queens this year!

Here are some pics I took after the event.

her majesty jen 2

her majesty annie

annie and jen