A merry old elf

Okay, perhaps not so old… but decidedly merry.  “Naughty or Nice” seems rather overdone at this point… and I really didn’t want to title a post featuring pictures of me “ho ho ho”!

**Glitter has a lovely advent calendar running this month, with gifts available even after each day has gone by!  This offering is a lovely little Miss Santa outfit featuring the dress and corset-style belt.


Boots from Rowena’s Designs and some tights with a colour-change HUD from Baby Monkey (group giftie!) keep me warm against the snowy weather outside.  The tights are offered both in standard layers and appliers for mesh bodies!

Sit on my lap and whisper in my ear what you want for a present!Santa_003

The corset is removable for a less racy look.


Glitter’s outfit includes a hat in multiple sizes, but I have such issues with hats in-world.  I’ve replaced it with a hat-and-hair combination from *ARGRACE*.  This was a giftie from last year, so it may not be currently available.  The colour doesn’t match perfectly, but it’s pretty close, and the hair works so much better.

If you’re willing to futz with the hat/hair problem, the Glitter hat comes in five sizes, and has stars to match the coat.  I’ts really quite lovely!


Contrary to popular belief, you don’t lose more heat through your head than any other bit of uncovered skin – we just tend to leave that part of our body uncovered, resulting in more heat loss.   So whatever your choice, cover up and stay warm out there!

Mahalo and Mele Kalikimaka!