POE 8 part 2

Some more hunt items from the Peace on Earth hunt for your enjoyment.  Ana Markova Designs have been very generous with group gifts in their short history, and their items for POE 8 are no exception.  This wonderful dress comes in two styles with this duo tone design and a solid red design.  The fur shoulder piece is attached to the dress, somewhat limiting your options, however it’s still a lovely dress to be seen in!

Ana Markova duo tone dress for POE 8

Not stopping there Ana also has a second gift for POE 8, the matching shoes for Slink and TMP feet!

Matching shoes for Ana Markova POE 8 dress

And complementing the outfit, Beloved Jewerlry has this stunning jewelry set for POE 8, that include the necklace, earring, and ring, all with color selectable gems in diamond, ruby, emerald, and aquamarine!

Beloved Jewelry Nola necklace and earrings



This little mesh dress is currently a SLF&O group gift available from Alien Gizmos.  It comes in the standard five mesh sizes, plus versions for Belleza and Slink mesh bodies.

lotd sweet_001

The detailing on the back of this is very nice too!

lotd sweet_002