PB Design gown

A lovely gown from PB Design is available in store for members of SLF&O.  It’s comes in the standard five mesh sizes and has fitmesh options for Slink, Belleza, and Maitreya.  I’m wearing it with Lara, and while it has a few little alpha issues, I’m sure I could match my shape to avoid them.  A lovely post holiday gift 🙂

pb sparkly gown_001

pb sparkly gown_003

pb sparkly gown_004



Hello lovelies!  Today I am showing off the wonderful gift Aeon got me for the season!  She is so wonderful 🙂


In the summer while I’m at home, I tend to wear a cotton yukata a lot.  They are very practical, being nice and cool and comfy.  Of course, Aeon knows this and so thought it would be lovely if I had one in SL 🙂


This lovely one comes complete with a full obi, which is not house wear, but for going out in yukata.  In Japan, especially around the summer festivals (especially obon), it’s normal to wear yukata.


Completing the outfit is this wonderful pair of geta for Slink Flat feet.



Winter spirit

It’s a warm winter for many of us, but the cold temperatures sweep in with a shiver, an icy breeze cuts through the night air, revealing Snowflakes by Caverna Obscura.



The Snowflakes ensemble is a bit of an older one: it features the mesh top, wings and flexi skirt as shown, plus a system layer bra and thong and shoes sized for the SL foot.


You’ve seen my necklace before… no fae would turn down the opportunity for a sparkly necklace!  An icy tattoo from [NN] Designs is just the right touch to complete the look.


Mahalo, and may you stay warm and bright this Solstice season!


Innocence in the forest

This lovely little white faun (or is that fawn?) outfit from Catseye cries “innocence” to me, so I’ve decided I’ll be innocently naked wearing it.  If that offends you…













How many clicked away I wonder?



The kit comes with three styles of horns, the ears, the tail, and legs for every mesh body imaginable.  There are a number of texture options for the fur, ears, and horns in a HUD, which also incorporates a full colour matcher so you can customize the look.  For me, I love the white.

As usual, Catty has taken great care with her creation, and the detail and quality are superb.  Now, I’ll have to do a clothed picture for her to use on MP 🙂


The spirit of the Islands

Aloha, all!  I decided to take a walk around Oahu, a lovely sim that I found early on in my explorations of Second Life.  Oahu reminds me of some of my favourite places on the islands, so I visit frequently.



Oahu is also, coincidentally, where I discovered Island Style Designs so long ago – Nickki maintains a little satellite shop near one of the beaches.  This gown is one of my little favourites.  The long mesh isn’t optimal for dancing, perhaps, but it’s a lovely comfy dress for going out to dinner, for an evening with friends, or just for a lazy afternoon.  It’s fully mesh, and available in a number of beautiful island patterns.


What is aloha?  It is life, it is love, it is acceptance… I think you have to come here to experience just what it means, but then… you carry it with you, you share it, you spread it throughout your travels, wherever you go.


Nickki at Island Style carries a number of accessories and acoutrements.  The necklace is simple and elegant, and the plumeria blossoms for the hair is a must-have.  Remember, though, to put the blossom on the correct side!


A little shout-out to Calico Ingmann at Calico.   If you’ve been following this blog, you know that I frequently show Calico’s styles.  Calico makes some of my favourite hairstyles, and the best match to my shade!   The Paige hairstyle here is the most wonderful loose french braid.  The shoulder braid is a separate piece fitted to the shoulder to avoid the clunky rigid rotation when I turn my head.

Now, if I could just convince Calico to make a version of this with the same loose braid, but flexi and hanging down the back?  I’d be in heaven.


It’s been a long lovely day exploring Oahu… time to just sit and watch the waves roll in.  Please, come and visit us on the Islands… and visit my friend Nickki at Island Style!

Mele Kalikimaka!  Mahalo, and aloha!


Season’s Greetings!

season's greetings from aeon and blue - 2015

Blue: It’s been a hectic lead up to the Christmas season for me, with shopping still to be done on Christmas Eve!  But once it’s all done, we can relax and take time to be with our loved ones and family.  Christmas is always a special day for me, and I just want to wish you lovely readers a happy and joyous holiday and all the best for the new year!  I hope you’ve enjoyed reading the blog and have been inspired by some of the outfits you’ve seen over the last 4 months.  Much more to come after the holidays!

Aeon:  By whatever name you call this season, whatever religious tradition you celebrate – or don’t, this has grown for many into a season of peace, of love, of togetherness.  It’s always been the most important part of the season to me, even with all the stresses that the season may bring.  We have truly enjoyed sharing these little bits of ourselves with you, and are looking forward to spending the new year with you.  Mele Kalikimaka me ka Hau’oli Makahiki Hou!  Aloha nui loa, to all!


Knitted and wrapped

It seems the perfect weather in RL for this lovely wrap dress from Fi’s Creations – a lovely warm soft knit, short and sexy, and perfect for those cooler days.


WRAP ME is all mesh in the standard 5 sizes, and fits my Physique frame nicely!


I love the texture here.  Can’t you feel the warmth, the softness just looking at it?


Fi makes it easy to not just customise the dress and boots to your own tastes, but to the occasion.  The dress comes in two different palettes, with three dress colours and eight ribbon/bow colours in each.  The boots are available in white, black, and brown (shown) versions, with a full set of trim colours included in each.


I had a great deal of fun mixing and matching different colour combinations… but the green and blue definitely suit me best!Fi-sweaterdress_004

I don’t usually think of myself as a spray-and-pray photographer, although digital photography in RL has made that a very easy way to get good shots (as long as you don’t mind looking through a hundred bad ones to find that one good one).  I do tend to take more than a few shots trying to get the one.  It’s definitely fun to line up the shots, and get them just so.



Please stop and take a look at Fi’s Creations, and take a look at their VIP club while you’re there!

Mahalo, and aloha!


Circle of Love

Today I have a wonderful new gown to show you from Paris Metro Couture, called Circle of Love.  The gown is available in store as a free gift to group members (group is FREE to join).  The top and pants come both on system layers and have appliers for Omega, Slink, and Belleza.  As is the norm with gowns from this designer, you need a few editing skills to get the prim skirt and accessories sized just right, but my, once you’re done, the overall effect is stunning.

lotd paris metro circle of love gown_003




Reindeer games

As my grandfather used to say – “Ohh, hello dere”.

I find myself in a colder north than I’m used to this year, and even so it’s a warmer winter then they are used to.  Fortunately, deer are ready for the cold.


Catty Catseye brings us a variant of her new Faun avatar components: a reindeer!  (We’ll review the faun separately later)
The reindeer has components for the standard SL avatar, plus hooves for Slink Physique and Hourglass, Maitreya Lara, Belleza, Solarian, Hella and Kemono avatar components.  WOW!


The reindeer features hooves, antlers, ears, a jinglebell collar, and a cute scripted tail!

Catseye-Reindeer_001Rowena Springflower’s Kelly skirt and top may not be the most ideal clothing choices for the cold winter snow, but they sure do show off the legs and tail of this lovely reindeer avi.  The all-mesh Kelly is a year or so old, but is a lovely treat for summer days, so far away from now – and features Rowena’s colour-change HUD.


A wise person once told me that if you carry your own joy with you in your heart, you will find it wherever you look.  That may be so, I know I carry Blue in my heart wherever I wander.  But I think you need to carry your light with you, too – even in strands of gaily coloured lights.  Mahalo to my sister Ginger for the lovely necklace!


Catty offers her reindeer in two palettes – the earthy “Holly”, festooned with holly leaves and berries in the antlers, and the regal “Snowflake”, with white fur on the legs and icy white antlers, complete with snowflake adornments.


My ears perk up – night is falling as deeply as the snow, and it is time to be on.   Mele kalikimaka, maluhia to you all!