Simona Rum

Not sure how I managed to snag this outfit when I was at Ana Markova’s yesterday. as I was looking for the Paris tribute outfit that I showed you in a previous post.  But I’ll use it to put in another plug for Ana, she is one talented designer.  Go and check out her store if you haven’t already done so!

simona rum pink outfit



There are some really amazing things in SL, but one that constantly gets me excited is the level of detail that some of the specialist jewelry makers achieve in tiny little pieces.  Today, I am showing you the necklace and one of the bracelets from Beloved Jewelry, one of my favourite makers.  This set includes not only these two pieces but also matching earrings, hair sticks, and a tiara!  And it was a L$1 hunt item!  What a fabulous, generous designer!

lotd beloved_001

lotd beloved_002