I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before on the blog, but Aeon and I maintain a little public park open to everyone at ground level on our land.  We like the concept of keeping the park in line with the seasons, and we have done spring/summer, autumn and winter themes before, and now it’s time for our second winter!

This year, after seeing a very good maze on another sim a few months ago, I got the idea to make an ice maze where the roof of the maze could double as a skating rink!  Much more exciting and fun to have to find your way through before pulling on your skates than just a plain old frozen pond 🙂

Blue and Aeon's Ice Maze and Skating Rink

The maze is tricky as it’s what’s called an imperfect maze, meaning there are loops (she says with an evil grin).  There are two entrances and one exit, but the exit is one way and cannot be entered from outside.  Don’t worry, the one way door is completely invisible from the inside!

Come and have a go, see if you can solve it!  Bring a partner and find the kiss pose inside!  Or give up and have a skate (free skates are available) or have a dance.  Most of all, have fun!

Blue lost in the ice maze

Location: Aeon and Blue’s Retreat – Miriam


Blonde Moments Siren Rose

Designer Gia Aulder from Blonde Moments provided me with this lovely mermaid gown for review.  Pink is not really my colour, so I’ll have to go blonde for this shoot 🙂

Blonde Moments Siren Rose Gown

Firstly, the outfit is a mix of mesh and three flexiprim skirts, and the texturing is very nicely done.  The mesh dress is in L, M, S, XS, and XXS and while I usually wear small, I am wearing XS in this gown.  I’d actually like to wear the XXS to get a little more of a slim look at the hips but as this is a review, I am wearing my standard small shape as changing it to fit wouldn’t give  you a fair view of the fit of the gown.

The mesh is fully weighted so conforms nicely to your dance moves.

For your L$300 you also get a two pairs of matching heels, one pair for Slink High and the other for Maitreya.

If pink is your colour, this one’s for you 🙂

review blonde moments siren_002

  • Gown and heels: Siren Rose by Blonde Moments
  • Hair: Milo Light Blonde by Tris
  • Hands and feet: Slink
  • Skin: Adore Peach Bare – light brow by Lumae

Autumn Spirit

Here we are, nearing the end of November and the leaves here are well off of the trees… and the landscape turns grey and brown from autumn fire that we saw a few weeks ago.

I visited a lovely little autumn sim and was inspired, and thought I’d share both it and a lovely little faerie outfit from  **Angelwing**.

Blue just wrote about Kat’s Retreat, a beautiful little autumn-inspired sim.  There’s a lovely gazebo and a beautiful little pond, just the perfect place to sit back and enjoy the quiet life for a few minutes, a perfect reprieve from the chaos of everyday life.  Please stop by for a visit!


The dress top and leg ribbons are system layers (perhaps Angelwing can be convinced to re-issue with Omega layers?), with mesh ivy accoutrements at the waist and crown.  Angelwing’s outfit comes with wings, but I’ve replaced the included wings Eth wings from Avro.  Avro sadly no longer maintains an in-world store, but their products are still available on Marketplace.   Avro’s wings are lightly scripted, and include simple flapping, but have a wonderful selection of colours available by HUD.


I’ve added a few other accoutrements to the Angelwing outfit – a leafy mask from Spyralle (also with a colour change HUD), and leaves for my hair from Persefona.  The hair is a lovely style from Calico, one of my favourite hairdressers, that I think really favours the overall look.  I really find that it’s the little added details that really make an outfit, particularly one like this, come alive!


  • Hair: Calico  Eleanor 2 light ginger
  • Skin : Glam Affair Cleo Europa
  • Hands : Slink Hands Casual
  • Feet: Slink Feet Flat

Happy Thanksgiving!

Aloha, my friends!

Today we celebrate Thanksgiving Day in the States. We joke that it’s a day to overindulge – to eat until we explode, to use more butter in one meal than is healthy to eat in a week.

As someone involved in academics for her adult life (‘adult’ – heh)  –  I grumble about the timing of the Thanksgiving holiday. Too late in the Fall, too late in the semester, coming back for just two weeks of classes before end-of-term?

We hear stories about the busiest travel days of the year – and about accidents and flight delays.

But in all of this, there is more – beyond the food, beyond the timing, beyond all the encroaching ads and sales for the Christmas season.

I look outside and the weather is grey and bleak and there is the feeling of winter, waiting in the wings, holding its breath.

I think of my family.

I think of the family that I was born to that is out there wishing I could be with them.

I think of the family that I have found, that I have chosen. I think of all the friends that I gather near me – in body, in heart, in spirit.

Aeon and Blue

I have seen the past year bring me new family – and I have felt the pain as some of those family have left this world, leaving their footprints, leaving the marks on me that we all make on each other.

My friends, my family – I am thankful for every one of you. This day is my day to tell you how grateful I am for what you have been to me. No matter where you are in this world, no matter what creed or nationality, no matter what your longitude or time zone – no matter whether you make a point of celebrating today or not – I am thankful for you.

From Blue and I here at Blue’s Fantasy, mahalo nui loa, many many many thanks to you all.
Raise a glass with us today – ‘okole maluna!


Back to the beach

Every now and again I get a little funny thinking about clothing items in-world that don’t match the seasons that I’m experiencing.  Sometimes the cold weather outside drives me to dress warmly in-world – but sometimes I need the warmth of the beach to drive the cold autumn and winter weather to the background.

Along those lines, I’d like to share another little treasure from Nickki at Island Style Designs.  This mesh beach cover-up is perfect to slip over your ‘kini for that trip to the pool, the ocean, or just for no reason at all.

The wrap comes in five mesh sizes with an eight-texture HUD, with traditional hibiscus patterns plus a few ferny ones.


Keep the Aloha spirit alive, all year long!

  • Hair: Alli & Ali Katniss Hair 7
  • Skin : Glam Affair Cleo Europa
  • Body: Slink Physique
  • Hands : Slink Hands Casual
  • Feet: Slink Feet Flat

Kat’s Retreat

I’ve mentioned previously that I love searching out locations for photos.  Today, I’m showing you Kat’s Retreat, a private house that is nonetheless open to everyone.  I can even rez my pose stand here!

Kat seems to be a kindred spirit, following the seasons on her land, and has it totally decked out for Autumn!  Fantastic!

lotd stormcrow design_001

My outfit is by StormCrow Design.  The knit top is mesh in the standard sizes, the leggings are system with appliers for Lena, Maitreya, Omega, Slink, and WowMeh.  And the boots are unrigged mesh with a resizer script, suitable for anyone.

  • Outfit: Dress with Belt – Black knit, leggings, boots by StormCrow Design
  • Hair: Stone Cold Seduction by Exile

Kamiri and Amacci

Hello gentle reader, today I want to show you a fab gift hair currently available at Amacci for SLF&O group members.  It’s a wonderful little blonde ponytail style called Aurora, and I love it so much I will have to run and buy the red version 🙂

My outfit is a previous group gift by Kamiri, a very talented designer.  Details below…

Kamiri pantsuit and Amacci hair