Fresh bread! Buy my bread!

Exhausted after a day of baking and taking her bread around the streets of Paris, Blue stops for a rest in a little café near the Arc de Triomphe.

lotd paris_003

I wore this to an event over the weekend and you guessed it, the theme was French!  This top is system and was only L$1 on the marketplace, and it was literally the only thing I needed to complete my outfit, everything else coming from existing inventory!

I wanted to go as a French Resistance girl and take my machine gun 🙂 but Aeon talked me into going as a bread seller.  I think she shouted “Bagaettes!” about five times 🙂



Falling leaves

Back to the Autumnal theme with another group gift from Lo’s Inspirations, an lovely little dress on system layers.  The dress comes with an awesome array of appliers for just about everything.  Also included is a matching necklace and earring set!

Just an aside on appliers.  The only mesh body I currently own is the free one from TMP.  However, the only thing stopping me buying Maitreya is my favourite mesh bikini doesn’t fit Lara 🙂  So, until I find a new favourite that does fit, I’ll continue to use the standard system mesh.  But now, any outfit that comes on system layers must include at least Omega appliers as eventually I’ll want to use it on Lara.  If it doesn’t have appliers, I just won’t consider finding space in my inventory for it.

lotd autumn leaves_001

  • Dress, necklace, earrings: Falling Leaves by Lo’s Inspirations (FREE group gift, group is FREE to join)
  • Hair: Dorothee Hair Mahogany by Alli and Ali ( yes I do have colours other than Fire!)

Ghostly beauty

Who’s afraid of ghosts?  Not me!  This is another outfit available for FREE to attendees at Solaris (finishes to tomorrow! hurry!)

It’s by Posh Pixels. and it comes with system layers for the top and pants, and includes appliers for Slink, Omega, Belleza, and Maitreya.  Very suitable for this time of the year!

lotd ghost_004


Fetish night

Finding outfits for various events can be really challenging and really rewarding when it works out.  A club I go to quite a bit runs fetish nights, which I’m not really into, being pretty straight laced 🙂  On my travels though I found this bodysuit by Lo’s Inspirations as a group gift.  The group is FREE to join.  I think it will be a great outfit to wear to the club!

The outfit comes on standard system layers and with TMP, Slink, Maitreya, Belleza, Omega and Lena appliers!  All your bases are covered with this outfit!

lotd black strapped bodysuit_006

Here’s a close-up on my heels so you can see the fantastic detail.

lotd black strapped bodysuit_007


Prism Fall Harvest item

While we’re on the hunt, today I want to show you the lovely outfit from Prism Design which is their contribution to the Fall Harvest Hunt, which runs through until the 2nd of November.

A daring cropped sweater goes perfectly with the knee length skirt with matching belt.  A pair of knee high boots from Bootgasm completes the look.

lotd prism fall harvest hunt item_001


A work of art from Wetherby


Invited to a fancy reception at the Musee du Louvre, and nothing to wear?  Wetherby to the rescue with a stunning mesh gown in black and gold, their group gift for October.    Classy and elegant, and right at home among the works of art!



Prism September Gift

This is the September group gift from Prism design, which is still available in store.  The group is FREE to join and they have a wonderful range of both women’s and men’s clothing.

I’m posing on a new outdoor setting which Aeon and I have just arranged for the fall months.  Drop by our park and have a look, and stay for a dance in the flowers or just a relax!

lotd prism wool_001