Aeon’s Cascade Fountain


Aeon is fond of water features 🙂  As only her second foray into the land of Blender, she made this lovely little cascade fountain.  This photo was taken in our orangerie before fall hit, so if you would like to see the fountain in world, drop one of us a notecard and we would be only to happy to show it to you!

The fountain is carefully lit and animated, and will be a highlight and a lovely addition to any home or garden.  Relax to the sound of falling water, and enjoy the peaceful ambience the fountain imparts, particularly at night.

You can control the particle water at the inlet by touching the fountain.

The fountain is available in our market place store.


Japanese tatami room

I love finding new things in SL!  I especially love it when they are so well done you’d like to actually go and visit the place for real (if it existed!)

Annie, a friend of mine, posted a fantastic picture of a Japanese tatami house on Flickr the other day, and I instantly added it to the places I had to go and visit.  And oh my was it worth it.  The place is visually fantastic!

I put on a little kimono I had in my wardrobe and snapped a couple of pics!

lotd - onsen_001

lotd - onsen_007

lotd - onsen_004