LotD – Copper

I’m excited to show you two hunt items from the Batty Booty hunt at Cerri’s Booty, which runs through until 31st October.  This is a FREE hunt.

The lovely matched gown and heels for Slink High is not in a colour I’d normally wear with my carrot mop, but I’ll make an exception because it’s fall 🙂  The dress is materials enabled and looks wonderfully sparkly with a modern viewer such as Firestorm.  If you don’t see the effect, check to see materials are enabled in Preferences->Graphics->General and make sure that “Bump map and shiny” is ticked under the “Shaders” section.

The gown also comes with a matching clutch, not shown in the photo.

Happy hunting!

lotd - copper_003


lotd - copper_004


LotD – A Look to Roar for

It’s perhaps entertaining, or at least inevitable, that with a name like ‘Aeon’ I’d love a store named ‘epoch’.  Belle Epoque (spelling variants aside!) is a lovely little designer featuring clothing from a variety of beautiful ages.  I have quite a few of their medieval styled dresses (all beautiful!), but wanted to showcase their latest group gift offering, straight out of the Roaring 20s: the lovely Marcela.  Marcela comes in the standard five sizes, with three separate colours (green, orange, and pink) in each.  Naturally, for my colouring, I preferred the green.   A&A’s Evelyn complemented the dress with a custom-tintable hair ribbon.


I won’t go into a tirade about the difficulty of hats again.  🙂  But I do love the lovely felt cloche hat included with the gift.  A nice tight updo could serve, but just working with a hairbase might be your best option.  Evelyn’s curls would be great under the brim, but too much in the back for the hat to hold without a desperate resize.


Please make sure to stop by Belle Epoque and take a look at their other offerings.