Double, double, toil and trouble

In time for All Hallows’ Eve, here are two lovely witch costumes from Brii Underground Wear. ¬†Both are offered as gifts – one for Brii’s group, and one offered for the Second Life Frees & Offers group.

Brii’s group offering is Florentina, featuring a lovely mesh corset, skirt and boots. ¬†Stockings and gloves are available in standard layers as well as appliers for Slink and WowMeh mesh bodies.


Florbela is the offering for the SLF&O group, and is a much more festive outfit, suitable for any fancy dress party for the season.  Again, items are all mesh, with standard layers and Slink and WowMeh appliers for stockings.


I’ll note, as many probably have recognised, that hats in SL are difficult without included hair. ¬†The above Brii hats attempt to get around this by oversizing (both hats are resizable), but a better option is a hat with included hair, such as the one shown below from Argrace.


  • Blouse, skirt, stockings and boots: Florbela (SLF&O group gift) by¬†Brii Underground Wear
  • Hat & Hair: Wizard Hat – Women’s Ginger (2014 Halloween Gift) by¬†Argrace
  • Skin: Chloe Europa by Glam Affair

These may be a tad flashy for Mistress Weatherwax, but I’m quite sure Nanny Ogg would heartily approve!

And as one a last safety tip, always be sure to remove your hat before bobbing for apples.  Remember Рtrue witches may bow, but they never curtsy.